Noah Schnapp Will Not Be Replaced in Stranger Things 5

Date:  November 30, 2023

There have been numerous calls for Noah Schnapp to be replaced in the final season of Stranger Things. Contrary to these calls, the most recent reports indicate that Netflix has decided not to terminate the actor as he is slated to return to sets for filming season 5.

Schnapp became embroiled in controversy following his expression of views on the Israel-Palestine war. Recently, he garnered significant backlash on the internet for promoting stickers featuring the phrase "Zionism is Sexy." This move sparked outrage among fans, and numerous prominent celebrities criticized him for the controversial video.

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After the video went viral, Noah Schnapp's phone number, address and other personal details were leaked on the internet. The fashion brand AMI PARIS ended its collaboration with the actor to avoid any negativity. Schnapp has also lost around 900k followers on Instagram since the controversy began.

Consequently, there is a growing demand for the actor's replacement in the upcoming season 5 of Stranger Things. Some individuals are even issuing threats to boycott both the show and Netflix if this change is not implemented. The internet is currently inundated with negative sentiments towards Schnapp, evident in the numerous calls across Stranger Things' social media accounts urging for his dismissal.

Noah Schnapp Will Not Be Replaced in Season 5

However, reports suggest that Noah Schnapp will not be replaced in Stranger Things. According to The Streamer, Netflix has decided not to fire the actor and he is scheduled to resume work on season 5. Specifically, Schnapp is set to participate in the upcoming table read for the final season which is slated to take place in the next few days, with filming to commence shortly thereafter. Brett Gelman, who faced criticism for allegedly sharing anti-Muslim posts, may also make a return for the concluding season.

The Streamer also reported that despite Noah Schnapp retaining his role in Stranger Things, Netflix has reportedly dismissed an employee without notice for sharing pro-Palestinian content on social media. Apparently, the firing of the Netflix employee has a personal connection to the firing of Melissa Barrera as one of the members of the team is connected to executives at Spyglass. Actress Melissa Barrera was fired from Scream 7 after she shared anti-Israel posts on her Instagram.

The report emphasizes that Netflix has built season 5 of Stranger Things around Will Byers as the main character, indicating a deliberate decision to retain the actor, Noah Schnapp. Given that he is the primary focus of the final season, there are no plans to either eliminate his character or diminish his role in the storyline.

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Earlier there were reports that Netflix is keeping an eye on Noah Schnapp's behavior. It has come to our attention that Netflix executives held a meeting with the actor, advising him to maintain a low profile and steer clear of social media. His most recent online post dates back to October 11, signaling an extended period of silence. With Netflix preparing for the production of season 5, the objective appears to be avoiding any further controversy, underscoring the importance of a smooth and focused production process.

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Nonetheless, the controversy surrounding Noah Schnapp does not seem to end anytime soon with continuous trending on Twitter marked by negative messages and calls for boycott. Recently, Schnapp was featured in this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 list, reigniting discussions about perceived double standards within Hollywood.

The bottom line is that Netflix has ultimately chosen to keep the actor for Stranger Things. With the imminent final table read featuring the entire cast and the subsequent filming process approaching, there is limited time for any last-minute changes. Given the prior delays in filming for season 5 due to strikes involving both writers and actors, it seems unlikely that Netflix would risk further disruptions by making any cast changes at this stage.

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