Bring Eddie Munson Back: Fans Start Online Petition

Date:  July 4, 2022

Since the last two episodes of Stranger Things 4 went online on Friday, Eddie Munson fans around the world have been shocked and speechless. Now they have started an online petition to bring Eddie back in season 5.

Eddie Munson, the secret star of season 4, has been able to quickly win the hearts of fans which is rare for a new character. Many could identify or empathize with him and hoped to see much more of him. Joseph Quinn, who plays Munson, played the role with heart and conviction. The young Brit was initially unsure if his character would be liked, but after his first scene, it was clear to fans that Eddie Munson is a diverse, funny character who has improved Stranger Things and fans haven't wanted to miss him since. His effervescent, yet soulful nature, as well as the special connection between Dustin and him immediately caught everyone's attention.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1

Since Friday, when his fate was revealed, Munson fans have been incredulous that this is to be the end for the likeable metal head. His story can't be over at this point, not this way. The character Eddie Munson, whose name wasn't cleared, and who wasn’t mourned by his friends except for Dustin still has a lot of potential to reappear in season 5 as a surprise character, like Hopper or even Dr Brenner. Fans have also been asking for a spin-off prequel series with Eddie. It is clear that fans want to see more of him.

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Furthermore, fans have been cancelling their Netflix subscription as a way to protest Eddie’s unfair death as well as refusing to watch season 5!
Also, it seems that his alleged fate has touched the fans more than Max's.

One particular fan Maddy Lee has therefore started an online petition to convince Stranger Things to bring back Joseph Quinn and thus Eddie. So far more than six thousand people have signed this petition and more are signing every minute.

Can the fans convince Stranger Things to bring back Joseph Quinn / Eddie Munson - not as a flashback, but as a real character to show the world that the freak was perhaps one of the heroes in the end? Let us know your thoughts in comments. You can sign the online petition here.

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49 comments on “Bring Eddie Munson Back: Fans Start Online Petition”

  1. I don't care how they do it, they just need to bring him back. I don't even care if they just start the next season and he's suddenly back with the group and everyone's acting like nothing ever happened and it's never addressed again and we spend the entire season waiting for some kind of explanation and it never comes. I won't even be mad. Eddie deserves the world.

    1. There's other things in this world to start a petition about. Eddie is a fictional character, grow up

      1. Get over yourself. Going by your opinion we should not focus on movie and TV all anything entertaining ever again as there's to much going on in reality. People use TV as an escape and are only asking if the show could bring back a character as brings a lot of people joy. But you keep being a Karen and protesting against everything that is fun and our leisure time.

      2. Could you not be a bitter old woman? They are collecting signatures to try to return to the series a great and loved character, and not even your mom loves you.

    2. They can use the argument that Dustin hid and was treating him, and lied to his uncle and everyone to protect him from the allegations.

  2. He’s a much loved character. I don’t think the writers realised how much people would relate to him. A crappy way to kill off and not acknowledge his death after the majority of the season was about him/clearing his name… the characters loved him, the viewers love him. He deserves to graduate! I agree that he’s a martyr in death and it was bittersweet and beautiful in a sense, but this can’t be the end for him. His death definitely overshadowed Max’s. A lot of people agree! Max could’ve stayed dead, it would’ve been more effective. Eddie on the other hand… the ending to volume 2 would’ve been incredible had he lived or they gave us an indication that he would live. The boy gives major main character vibes and has so much potential to develop as a character. He’s a badass! The actor, Joseph Quinn done a great job of portraying him.. so far! He’s got much to give… Let him live!

    1. There's other things in this world to start a petition about. Eddie is a fictional character, grow up

  3. Eddie Munson should be brought back at all costs he was such a beautifully relatable character

  4. Bring eddy back he deserves to walk that damn stage and get his diploma. He's such a raw character and deserved so much more than what he was given in his season.

  5. We need him back!!! I love him with all my soul lol… he died too early and he is an important person. ♥️

  6. My heart is broken. Eddie needs to be shown that he saved the town!
    Take the lies off his back!

  7. So I actually desperately waited for a month after falling in love with Eddie, only to witness his death. I am totally not going to regret from canceling my premium account XD

  8. How dare you bring in a new character make us all fall in love with him because we all can see a bit of Eddie in ourselves then take him away from us . You did the same with Billy , it’s always the misunderstood ones . Please bring both of them back in the final series. Would make for a memorial series .

  9. I literally need my husband back. I dont care how you bring him back. I just need my boy. And so does dustin.

    How is that good writing ? Within 4 seasons none of the main characters died ?!? I feel like they always introduce new characters just to kill them off not to kill the main ones, they only put Max iN tHe CoMa. Bruh what 💀

  11. He's the best character they've had since Steve! For one thing, he deserves so much better after all he's been through, but for another he's just such a rich character with so much potential. Bring. Him. Back!

    1. Like let El revive him like she did for Max we just found out she can make a heart start beating again like come on now🫤

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