Vecna is Eleven's Father Theory Fueled by Stranger Things Play

Date:  November 20, 2023

Stranger Things fans are actively delving into new theories while eagerly anticipating the release of season 5. With the arrival of the Stranger Things Play, we've gained intriguing insights into our beloved characters. While certain theories have been debunked, others have been further fueled by the play.

One of the most discussed theories following season 4 revolves around the possibility of Vecna being Eleven's father. While initially appearing far-fetched, there is evidence that lends credence to this theory. Let's examine the details.

Vecna is Eleven's Father Theory Explained

Stranger Things season 4 episode 7 Jamie Campbell Bower and Mille Bobbie Brown

Eleven's mother Terry Ives joined the MKUltra Project in 1969 under the supervision of Dr. Martin Brenner. With Eleven's birth occurring in 1971, it implies that Terry became pregnant in late 1970. The sequence of events suggests that after Eleven's birth, Dr. Brenner took her and concealed the situation by presenting it as a miscarriage.

The series does not provide information about Eleven's biological father. However, in the novel Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, it is disclosed that Eleven's father is Andrew Rich who was killed in the Vietnam War before her birth. It's important to note that this novel is not considered canon to the Stranger Things series due to several inconsistencies with the show.

Enter Henry Creel into the equation. According to this theory, Dr. Brenner's attempts to clone 001 aka Henry were not working as the test subjects did not possess the same level of power. Hence Dr. Brenner made Henry impregnate Terry Ives to create a super-powered individual, ultimately giving rise to Eleven. This scenario could explain why Henry consistently displayed a unique connection with Eleven, understanding how to unlock her full powers and noting her resemblance to himself.

Fans got more evidence when there was a flashback of Eleven being born in season 4. In the sequence, a brief glimpse of Dr. Brenner was followed by a quick blink featuring another male Henry Creel. It's worth noting that in 1971, only fathers were typically allowed in the delivery room, adding weight to the speculation that Henry Creel could indeed be Eleven's biological father.


The significance of this scene becomes clearer after watching the Stranger Things Play.

Stranger Things Play Featured Baby Eleven

Stranger Things: The First Shadow unveiled that Brenner conducted experiments involving blood transfusions from Henry to pregnant women. Dr. Brenner utilized Henry Creel's blood to successfully create all the test subjects in the lab. Despite this, Henry was not the biological father of the test subjects, as the women were already pregnant when Dr. Brenner carried out the blood transformations.

The play ended with Henry Creel holding newborn Eleven and saying, "I am excited to see you, 011. I have plans for us." This scene seamlessly aligns with the season 4 flashback depicting Eleven's birth.

While it is implied that Henry is not the father of other kids, the final scene has sparked curiosity among fans. It strongly implies that Eleven held a special significance for him, as he exhibited no similar care for other children. This has led to speculation that he was the father of Eleven and hence he was excited to see her.

eleven stranger things season 4 1140x600 1

That is why he took a special interest in Eleven at the lab and trained her before the 1979 massacre. Henry killed all the test subjects but chose to spare Eleven. Subsequently, he invited her to join his cause and shape a new world order. However, Eleven refused, leading to an epic battle where she banished him to the Upside Down.

The final lines of Henry Creel in the play imply that he was planning to work with Eleven for a long time. It was his long-standing desire to escape with Eleven and work together to create a new world. It can only be explained if there is a special connection between Eleven and Henry Creel. Fans can anticipate that this relationship might be further explored in Stranger Things season 5.

If Vecna is actually Eleven's father, then it would be the perfect homage to the 80s as one of the most iconic moments in cinema was the plot twist of Darth Vader in The Empire Strike. Imagine Eleven as Luke Skywalker who is searching for her father for the ultimate showdown between good and evil.

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