Fan Finds Hidden Clue Suggesting Eleven's Real Dad is Vecna

Date:  July 26, 2022

Season 4 of Stranger Things featured many twists and turns. One of them was Henry Creel is 001 (The first test subject of Dr. Brenner) who later became Vecna. Now according to a fan theory, there might be some more shocking revelation in season 5.

The theory that Eleven's real dad could be 001/Henry Creel aka Vecna has gone viral on the internet. One video on TikTok from @justthenobodys discussing the possible twist has racked up 9.3 million views. The theory suggests that the reason why Eleven is so much more powerful than her siblings is because her abilities could be biological and passed down through Henry’s genetics.

Now it seems that a fan has found another clue as she claims that when Eleven had a flashback of being born in episode 7, we saw a glimpse of Dr. Brenner and then there is a quick blink where they showed another male who is Henry/One.


The fan wrote her theory on Facebook. "I think that Vecna is Jane/ Eleven’s biological father. So follow me here. The Duffer Brothers have stated in several interviews that they wanted to do an Empire Strikes Back type story and the fourth season was that. The main character leaves their training to help their friends,(Luke and El) a great loss ( Han/ Max) and the bad guys seem to win (Empire and Vecna). But what was the biggest twist? Vader was Luke’s father.

Plus at the end of S4E7 when El is battling one and she has the flashback of being born, first you see Dr Brenner and then there is a quick blink and you’ll miss it where they show another male in scrubs and It’s Henry/Vecna/One. So back in 1971 when El was born they only let the fathers into the delivery room. Here’s a pic of the moment I’m talking about."

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Could there be a shocking dad reveal on the way for Eleven? We have to wait for season 5 to get the answer.

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7 comments on “Fan Finds Hidden Clue Suggesting Eleven's Real Dad is Vecna”

  1. So if this theory is true, and the theory that Mike’s mom is Henry/Vecna’s aunt (Vecna is Mike’s uncle) is true, then for the whole show Eleven and Mike, being cousins have been love interests. Disgusting!

    1. I think this will be revealed that Henry was adopted by the creek family therefore not actually mikes uncle

    2. I mean if they're basing it on star wars then 🤷🏻‍♀️. Luke and leia kissed in Empire then in ROTJ they found out they were siblings.

  2. Who is Alice in the Stranger Things book Suspicious Minds? Could she possibly be Henry's young sister Alice? If Henry had powers,then perhaps his younger sister alice did too? Did she really die? Or was it covered up like Will's death in season 1, & she was also taken to Hawkins Lab? In the book she escapes from the Lab with Terry Ives & Kali, leaving Hawkins.

  3. My theory is that Henry was the biological father of just about all of the kids in the program. When he's showing Nancy his back story he says that Brenner used him to create his research. To create his research subjects is my guess. Perhaps the only one not fathered by Henry was the girl we met in season 2, her powers are different after all, but all the rest? Artificial insemination has been around centuries after all. But he picked El to be his successor because she is so much more powerful than the rest which he would have viewed as rejects which was one reason why he had no problems killing them.And of course El disobeying him means he has no problem killing her either.

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