Season 5 Byler Theory: Kiss in the Upside Down

Date:  October 24, 2023

The Stranger Things community is abuzz with excitement as we eagerly await the arrival of Season 5. Amidst the flurry of fan theories and speculations about the series finale, a prominent Byler theory has surfaced that suggests a heartful confession between Mike and Will.

Fans of the "Byler" ship have long awaited the moment when Will confesses his feelings for Mike. In season 4 it was confirmed that Will Byers is gay and is in love with Mike, This season 5 fan theory explores the prospect of Mike and Will's confession and their first kiss. Let's delve into this compelling theory, outlining the anticipated details of when, where, and what will unfold during this pivotal scene.

stranger things season 5 byler theory

The theory also known as Flickergate was first shared on Tumblr by a user connect-dots7. It states that in season 5 Mike and Will will find themselves trapped in the Upside Down once more. It's a place inherently tied to Will's story, being frozen in time on the night he initially vanished. Season 5 will circle back to Will's traumatic connection to this night, and this time, Mike will be there to share the experience. The theory further posits that Will possesses hidden powers, likely connected to manipulating electricity or even time.

Here's the complete theory.

Upside-Down Revisited

Mike and Will venture into the upside-down, which remains frozen in 1983 on the day of Will's disappearance. They find themselves at the Wheeler House, where time stands still on November 6, the first episode of Season 1. Their adventure hinges on the belief that somehow, they will have the power to influence events in Season 1 from the upside-down in Season 5.

Time Travel

While the theory acknowledges that time on the other side progresses normally, it introduces the intriguing possibility that time could begin moving again in Upside Down during Season 5. It has been speculated that season 5 will feature time travel which will explain how is this possible. For example, there are multiple electricity shortages like when Ted fiddles with the TV in season 1. They could actually be caused by Will in season 5.

Season 1 Parallel

In a pivotal moment, Mike and Will will stand in the same spot at the same time as their younger selves on the other side. This clever parallel between timelines is not just a narrative device but symbolizes their unbreakable bond. The theme of honesty between them is explored, emphasizing how Will has never lied to Mike throughout their friendship.

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In season 1, Will waited until the other boys left before letting Mike know the truth, "It was a 7. The Demogorgan, it got me." From the very start, we are shown that Mike and Will have an honest and different bond than the rest of the party. This is why in season 5, Will won't be able to Lie to Mike anymore.

The Confession

The moment many fans have been waiting for unfolds. In the Upside Down, Will, mirroring his younger self's confession about the Demogorgon, reveals the truth about his feelings for Mike. And at that very instant, Mike, overwhelmed by his own emotions, kisses Will.

Electric Flickers

As they kiss, the electricity flares. Will's mind short-circuits, and lightning crackles above, causing the garage light overhead to flicker. This mirrors a moment in the season 1 premiere when Mike and Will stand in the garage. Their kiss in the Upside Down during season 5 seems to have rippled back in time, affecting the events of Season 1. The audience can feel the electricity between Mike and Will. Just like how Dustin could feel the electricity between Lucas and Max.

Mike Gives a Letter to Will

Stranger Things Writers posted a cryptic tweet that hints at the possibility that Mike has written a letter for Will on the day he went missing.


As Will left in episode 1, Mike stayed silent concealing his true emotions. Then, an unexpected flicker in the garage light hinted at the electric connection between them, symbolizing their unspoken love. In response, Mike wrote a heartfelt letter, signed with "-Love, Mike," unknowingly paralleling a pivotal moment in the upside-down where their future selves confess and share their first kiss.

Screenshot 12 1

According to this theory, the letter will be like this, "Anyway, I think you’ll still beat the campaign. Sorry I couldn’t get it done before my mom made everyone leave, but you mean so much to me, and it’s been so much fun to make it for you. Hope this is enough motivation to last until we can finish it next weekend. -Love, Mike"

Heroes by David Bowie

Just as the audience feels the magnetic pull between the two characters, Bowie's "Heroes" will play in the background with its lyrics becoming more significant than ever before. In season 1, Mike was ashamed of his love for Will which is why that scene cuts off with the line shame.

Collage Maker 24 Oct 2023 11 02 PM 4105

This time when the song plays, it will be different though as the full verse will play as they kiss. “And we kiss as though nothing could fall and the shame… was on the other side.”

The lyrics convey the idea that they can kiss without shame, as they are alone in the Upside Down, far removed from societal judgments.

This creative theory fulfills the hopes of Byler shippers but one can't help but wonder if this will turn into reality. Mike is still very much in love with Eleven and it will take some compelling storytelling if he will leave her for Will.

What are your views on this theory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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