Is Byler Canon in Stranger Things Season 5?

Date:  October 5, 2023

As fans eagerly await the release of Stranger Things season 5, many are wondering if Byler is going to be canon in season 5. If you don't know, Byler refers to the beloved friendship and potential romantic pairing of the characters Mike Wheeler and Will Byers.

Throughout the series, viewers have witnessed the deep bond between Mike and Will, which has evolved from a childhood friendship to something more complex. The chemistry between Mike and Will has sparked numerous discussions and speculations about the direction their relationship will take in the upcoming season.

Is Byler Canon in Stranger Things Season 5

Byler has been a trending topic on social media, captivating a substantial and dedicated fan following. The topic has gained support within the fandom, but it has also given rise to heated controversy. Within this passionate fan base, there exists a faction of die-hard supporters who ardently oppose the Mileven relationship, which involves Mike Wheeler and Eleven. This often leads to heated debates and discussions among the fandom.

For some fans, Byler is meant to be canon in season 5. From their perspective, they have been building it up throughout the series. It all started in season 1 when it was thought that Will's disappearance could have been linked to a hate crime. This was due to the bullying Will endured, including his father referring to him using a derogatory slur. This led to speculation among some fans, who began to consider the possibility that Will might be gay.

Fast forward to season 4, Byler fans have now more clues and hints to support their argument. It is now confirmed that Will Byers is gay and he does love Mike Wheeler. However, whether these feelings are reciprocated by Mike remains uncertain and is yet to be revealed. But Byler fans think they have sufficient evidence that suggests the possibility that Mike could identify as gay or bisexual.

Byler Controversy and Queerbaiting Concerns

Will Mike Eleven End Up Together on Stranger Things

Conversely, there are others who argue that the Byler relationship is being forced for the sake of appeasing the LGBTQ+ community. They firmly maintain that Mike and Will should be portrayed as close friends rather than romantic partners. These fans contend that interpreting their relationship as romantic is a misinterpretation of the characters' dynamics. In the past, Stranger Things has been accused of queerbaiting. For those unfamiliar with the term, queerbaiting is when LGBTQ characters are hinted at in TV shows and films, but there is not any actual representation of their romances. 

Mike has been in a relationship with Eleven since season 1, and throughout the series, there has been no solid indication or evidence to suggest that he is gay. Thus for fans who support Mileven, the possibility of Byler becoming a reality in season 5 would come as an unexpected twist.

It is true that most shows don't invest so much time and effort in developing a relationship over an extended period, only for it to never materialize in any form of media. It's important to mention that no new characters will be introduced in season 5. Therefore, it leaves two possible scenarios: either Will Byers will face a tragic outcome, or he may potentially reconcile with Mike.

Noah Schnapp and Finn Wolfhard on Byler

In the past, Noah Schnapp had a tentative approach when answering questions about the sexuality of Will Byler. He often said that it's up to the audience's interpretation. However, since its confirmation in season 4, he has embraced and openly supports the idea of Byler. During season 4 of Stranger Things, he wrote on Twitter.

In a recent interview, Finn Wolfhard said that Mike was clueless in season 4, especially in that van scene. He even asked the Duffer Brothers why his character doesn't know about Will's feelings. But they said, “Don't worry it’ll pay off.” He also said that he wants Will to have a happy ending and thinks he will.

It remains to be seen how the show's creators will address the Byler dynamic and whether they will succeed in striking a balance that resonates with the diverse sentiments of their ardent fan base. One thing is for sure though, the anticipation surrounding Stranger Things season 5 is at an all-time high, and fans are eager to see how the story of Mike, Will, and the rest of the Hawkins gang unfolds.

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