Stranger Things Season 5 Pre-Vis featuring Dustin, Nancy and Jonathon

Date:  October 20, 2023

The filming for Stranger Things season 5 is unlikely to begin anytime soon. In the meantime, the writers have shared another pre-vis from season 5.

The SAG-AFTRA strike has not been sorted out yet and hence the actors are unavailable to shoot. Stranger Things Writers who earlier jokingly shared Steve's first look from the show via Pre-Vis, has now revealed another one. It features Dustin, Nancy Wheeler and Jonathon Byers.

Stranger Writers shared the Pre-Vis on Twitter and captioned it, "One more week without a deal. One more week closer to this:

This scene is likely from episode 4 of the final season. The crew is in a car at Mccorkle Farm which was shown back in season 2. They are in Steve's car who could be the driver. It looks like they are in the Upside Down though it is not clear yet.

While it is only a pre-vis, it might give us some information about season 5. The creators of the show revealed earlier that the final season is connected to season 2 and now we see the Mccorkle Farm in the clip. Also, Nancy and Jonathon are still together in episode 4, hence the chances of Steve and Nancy getting together could be way less now. Dustin is once again separated from the main party which might not be a good sign.

The writers also revealed that we will get a lot of cool stuff on Stranger Things Day.

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