How Did Eleven Lose Her Powers?

Date:  June 13, 2022

After watching season 4 volume 1, we have a lot of questions for every character. However, there’s one particular question that we need an answer to, and that is how did Eleven lose her powers?

Eleven's powers grew consistently with each season. However, after her big fight with Mind Flayer in the Starcourt Mall, she realized she could not use her powers. It was only during the final episode of season three when it becomes clear she has lost her powers. So how did she end up losing her powers? Let’s find out.

Stranger Things Season 4 Clip

In the fourth season, Eleven's life has been completely changed after moving to California as she was heavily bullied. In one scene, she physically attacked her bully Angela, which led her to be arrested. While she was in the police van, she was kidnapped midway. Later she started working towards getting her powers back to fight against Vecna.

After she was moved to a secret bunker in Nevada, she met with Dr. Breneer. While in the bunker, she was made to visit all those traumatic events she experienced at the Hawkins National Lab. In the sixth episode, we find out why she lost her powers.

In the episode, Dr. Brenner asks her:

“Do you know what happens when someone has a stroke? The blood supply to the brain is cut off. It scrambles the signals in the brain to the point where the mind can forget how to do things. To eat. To speak. To walk. When you were attacked last year, I believe that your signals were scrambled in much the same way. But just as a stroke victim can learn to walk again, I believe you, too, can return to your full power. Your abilities are still in. You just need to remember.”

Later she relived every memory and slowly and steadily uncovered the truth. It was finally revealed in the seventh episode how she fully achieved her powers.

After watching the seventh episode, it looks like Eleven has finally regained her powers. But can she stop Vecna? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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