Theory: Is Ted Wheeler Actually a CIA Agent?

Date:  July 22, 2022

Since the start of Stranger Things, Ted Wheeler has been sidelined. Though he did have some of the best one-liners and facial expressions, he remained disconnected from the rest of the characters. But now some fans believe that there might be more to Ted that we don't know.

Joe Chrest plays the character of Ted Wheeler who is the dad of Mike and Nancy. Now there is an online conspiracy theory that Ted Wheeler is secretly part of the CIA. His job is to observe what's going on in Hawkins and with his kids. Fans added observations from the previous seasons to back up this theory. In Seasons, Ted did not hesitate to help the CIA agents and was more concerned about whether Eleven is Russian or not. Later, in a flashback scene in the second season, Ted appeared relaxed and comfortable while talking to the CIA agents while they bug their home.

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And actor Joe Chrest seems to back up this conspiracy theory during an interview with Devon Ivie at Vulture. He said,

"A lot of the cast, pretty much from season two, have been encouraging the Duffers to get Ted more active in the show. The speculation is that he’s with the CIA — is he part of it? Will it merge with the story? I’m very curious about that. With season five, I’d like to see, as would a lot of us, more of Ted. But as the show has progressed, I’m starting to feel like we’re not going to see that. There’s so many stories to tell right now that need to be tied up. It doesn’t seem like there’s room for a Karen-and-Ted story."

What are your views on this theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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