Fans Suspect Joseph Quinn is Filming Stranger Things 5

Date:  February 2, 2024

A pressing question among fans of Stranger Things is whether Eddie Munson will make a return appearance in the final season. With filming currently underway, some fans have noticed clues suggesting that Joseph Quinn could be filming scenes for Season 5.

Introduced in season 4 as the charismatic leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie Munson quickly captured the hearts of fans with his charming demeanor. However, in a heartbreaking turn of events, Eddie met his demise in the final episode as he bravely sacrificed himself to protect Hawkins.


Following his tragic demise, online platforms have been flooded with demands for the return of Eddie Munson in season 5. An online petition garnered over 75,000 signatures, showcasing the fervent desire of fans to see the character resurrected. Additionally, fans have been actively engaging in various theories speculating potential plotlines that could facilitate Eddie's return to the series.

Fans were left disappointed when Netflix unveiled the first look from the season 5 sets, revealing the absence of Joseph Quinn. The Duffer Brothers also stated that Eddie's character is deceased and will not be making a return in the final season.

Fans Suspect Joseph Quinn is Filming Stranger Thing 5

Now recent developments have sparked intrigue among fans regarding actor Joseph Quinn. The actor was slated to appear at Fan Expo Vancouver from February 17th to 19th. However, the event's official Twitter account announced Quinn's unexpected cancellation, citing his busy filming schedule as the reason for his absence.

They wrote, "GUEST UPDATE: Joseph Quinn is filming and won't be able to make it to FAN EXPO Vancouver this year. He can’t wait to show you what he’s been up to and looks forward to meeting Vancouver fans soon. Epic will email you shortly if you purchased a photo op or autograph."

Fans swiftly noted that Joseph Quinn has already concluded filming for his two upcoming projects, "Gladiator 2" and "A Quiet Place Day One," both of which are currently in the post-production phase. Apart from these two, he is not working on any new project.

This development has sparked speculation among fans that Joseph Quinn may indeed be involved in filming for season 5 of Stranger Things. While there has been no official confirmation, the timing of Quinn's availability aligns intriguingly with the ongoing production of the final season.

Eddie Munson and Dustin in Stranger Things Season 4 780x470 1

While Eddie Munson might not return for the final season of Stranger Things, there remains the possibility that the actor was required to film flashback scenes. This scenario would parallel the inclusion of Billy Hargrove in season 4 through flashback sequences, offering a potential avenue for Quinn to make a cameo appearance despite his character's demise.

Recently, leaked photos from the sets of Stranger Things surfaced on the internet, revealing a scene where Dustin Henderson is depicted visiting Eddie Munson's grave. The unsettling imagery showcased Munson's vandalized tombstone, adorned with the spray-painted words "Burn in Hell."

Regardless of whether Eddie Munson returns in Stranger Things, he will undoubtedly remain a significant plot point in the final season, particularly within Dustin's storyline.

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