Noah Schnapp Phone Number Leaked Online

Date:  November 15, 2023

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp has sparked an angry backlash from fans after laughing over offensive stickers amid the Gaza conflict. The situation has escalated as his phone number and other personal details are now leaked online.

The actor has previously faced criticism for his behavior and responses concerning the ongoing situation in Gaza. Things got uglier when he was seen promoting stickers with controversial phrases like "Zionism is sexy" and "Hamas is ISIS" in a video. This sparked significant backlash, leading to calls for the actor's cancellation. Some fans are even boycotting Stranger Things as a form of protest.

Noah Schnapp's phone number is now circulating online, reportedly leaked on Instagram by his ex-boyfriend. Following the number going viral on social media, he received an overwhelming influx of messages, prompting him to disconnect the number.

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Noah Schnapp's home address and the location of his restaurant TenderFix have also been exposed on the internet. Additionally, both of his private Instagram accounts have been leaked, resulting in a flood of hate comments for the actor. Disturbingly, he is now receiving death threats, with individuals urging University of Pennsylvania students to target him.

Some users are also threatening to leak private photos and videos of Noah Schnapp. However, their authenticity cannot be verified, as they are likely fake.

Noah Schnapp Loses Sponsorship Deal Amid Controversy

In the midst of the ongoing controversy, fashion brand Ami Paris has removed their collaboration with Noah Schnapp. Despite the actor initially sharing a photoshoot with the brand on Instagram, he has since deleted the post. Notably, Ami Paris has also removed all photos featuring the actor from both Instagram and TikTok. This decision comes in response to calls from fans to boycott the fashion brand due to its association with Schnapp.

Over the past month, Noah Schnapp has experienced a decline in his Instagram followers. Following the offensive video, he saw a rapid loss of approximately 100,000 followers in just three days. In total, he has now lost around 700,000 followers since the controversy initially unfolded.

Numerous celebrities, including John Cusack, Lauren Jauregui, and Thewizardliz are calling out Noah Schnapp for featuring in the problematic video. Some of them have also unfollowed the actor.

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Stranger Things fans are also expressing their anger with the actor by leaving the fandom as a form of protest. Others are threatening to boycott season 5 unless Noah Schnapp is recast.

One such user wrote on Twitter. "How come Noah Schnapp is still not cancelled? I’m not a fan of cancel culture but my point is if that was for example Millie Bobby Brown stating ‘zionism is sexy’ she would be so over like sooooo over. And he seems comfortable like never before."

Another user said that the actor will be jobless after Stranger Thins. "noah schnapp will never have any notable role after will byers. he'll be in his 40s, lonely and balding, dressed in his costume, advertising stranger things merch and going to conventions no one ever attends, when his costars have moved on decades ago and stopped speaking to him."

Noah Schnapp will return as Will Byers in Stranger Things season 5. Netflix will be under a lot of pressure to address the ongoing controversy as the filming is likely to begin soon.

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