David Harbour Reveals 5 Characters Who Will Play Key Roles in Season 5

Date:  November 29, 2023

Stranger Things fans are eagerly anticipating the commencement of filming for season 5. It marks the final installment in the series and will bring the storyline to a close. David Harbour has disclosed the characters that will take center stage in this final season.

Previously, the creators of Stranger Things mentioned that season 5 would revolve around Will Byers. This choice is fitting as the series began with Will's abduction to the Upside Down and it should end with him as well.

David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper, has disclosed the five characters set to play key roles in the final season. The revelation occurred at a recent fan event where the actor was asked about the last season's main focus.

5 Characters Will Play Key Roles in Final Season

According to Harbour, season 5 will be focused on Jim Hopper, Joyce Byers, Eleven, Will Byers, and Mike Wheeler.

The romantic storyline between Hopper and Joyce has been a central element of the series, and its significance is heightened after witnessing the younger versions of Hopper and Joyce in the Stranger Things Play. Their roles in the story are expected to carry added weight, particularly in light of their shared history with Henry Creel.

Eleven has always been the main focus of Stranger Things. In season 5 she is poised to play a crucial role in defeating Vecna once and for all. Additionally, she faces the challenge of rescuing her friend Max from a coma.

Will Byers is the main key in bringing the series to its conclusion. His connection to the Mind Flayer, Vecna, and the Upside Down is still shrouded in mystery. Numerous unanswered questions linger around Will, including his sexual orientation, as he has not openly come out to his friends and family. Furthermore, Will has yet to express his romantic feelings for Mike, adding another layer of intrigue to his character.

While Mike Wheeler played a crucial role in season 1, he took a backseat in the last couple of seasons. Now, with Will recognizing him as the heart of the group, there's potential for Mike to reclaim the spotlight. Also, it will be interesting to see his relationship with Will Byers also known as Byler. He may have to sacrifice himself to save his friends.

Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Update

David Harbour was recently seen at a game sporting his season 4 look, featuring a shaved head. His appearance suggests that he is already prepared for the filming of the final season.

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The Duffer Brothers have now arrived in Atlanta to kick off the production of season 5. The final table read featuring the entire cast is scheduled to take place in the next few days. Subsequently, the production team will proceed with costume fittings and other pre-filming preparations before officially commencing filming.

Yesterday Ross Duffer also shared a photo from the Wheelers House in Hawkins.

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Previously, various set pictures were leaked on the internet, unveiling that the final season will feature a Christmas theme. This choice brings the series full circle, harking back to season 1, which was also centered around the Christmas season.

Looking at the current schedule, it looks like the final season of Stranger Things will arrive on Christmas 2025.

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