New Leaks Reveal Stranger Things 5 Will Be Set During Christmas

Date:  November 27, 2023

As the filming for Stranger Things season 5 is set to commence soon, emerging leaks are offering fresh insights. The most recent leak indicates that the upcoming season will feature a Christmas theme.

Every season of Stranger Things unfolds in a distinctive setting. The opening season revolved around Christmas, the second around Halloween. The third season is set during the summer, while the most recent season took place in spring.

Recent reports strongly suggest that the final season will unfold during Christmas. A Reddit user shared photos from the sets of Stranger Things. The location is likely Hawkins High School and it features a Christmas tree. There's also a message on the board that reads, "We know times are tough for all of Hawkins, but anything you can spare will be much appreciated.

Check it out below.

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Additionally, another signboard displayed an announcement from the Department of Energy, with the notable date being November 21.

Looking at the set photos, it appears that season 5 will be set during the November-December timeframe. This aligns with the remarks from the creators of Stranger Things, suggesting that the final season will evoke the vibes of the first season. It was also set during the same period and has delivered some of the most iconic moments in the history of television.


Stranger Things Season 5 Time Jump

Given that season 4 concluded in April 1986, it indicates that there will be a time jump in the final season. Previous statements from various team members of Stranger Things have presented conflicting information. While David Harbour mentioned that season 5 would pick up directly from where season 4 left off, the Duffer Brothers have disclosed that a time jump is planned to address the natural aging of the young cast.

Another question arises that Hawkins was in disarray with a massive earthquake and the opening of gates to the Upside Down at the end of season 4. So the idea of the kids continuing with their normal school routine seems inconsistent with the chaotic events.

This scene could potentially be a flashback as there was a significant amount of deleted footage in season 4. Alternatively, it might be from the final episode of season 5, presenting another plausible scenario.

If Stranger Things Season 5 does have a Christmas setting, there's a possibility that the final season could be released on Christmas 2025. Filming is expected to commence shortly, given that substantial sets are currently under construction simultaneously.  It will take approximately 10 months to film the complete season and then there will be post-production work.

There are chances that season 5 could follow the pattern of the previous season and be divided into two volumes. The initial part might be released earlier, and the second part could coincide with Christmas, making it an ideal time.

Are you excited for another Christmas season of Stranger Things? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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