Jamie Campbell Bower was 'so scary' he left Millie Bobby Brown in tears

Date:  June 4, 2022

Stranger Things star Jamie Campbell Bower has claimed that he left his co-star Millie Bobby Brown “in tears” because he was ‘so scary’ on set.

In the fourth season of the hit Netflix sci-fi series, Bower plays Peter Ballard (Henry Creel, and One), who later transforms into the monster Vecna.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bower was asked whether his co-stars were frightened of him on set, and he singled out the reaction of Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven.

“Millie. She was terrified, absolutely terrified,” he said. “She’s a very open, receptive individual as a soul. I’ve become very friendly with her parents, too, and her mom finds it hilarious. Every time I see her, she will say, ‘Millie thought you were so scary! She’d call me. She was in tears. She said, ‘Jamie wasn’t there anymore!’”

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He also described some other instances when his co-stars were scared of him. “I remember the boy that plays Fred in episode two, he was very spooked,” said Bower.

“He found it scary. And the poor actress who plays Chrissy. The Chrissy kill was my first day on the job and I would be talking to myself in the house; she’d be in the hall and I’d be in the bathroom calling out her name, and she was really spooked. Also, we filmed that at four in the morning, which doesn’t help! That’s scary for anyone.”

Bower also talked about Sadie Sink's performance, "Sadie is amazing. I think because of the interaction that we have and because the character is so strong. In this season, she’s suffering. But she has this inner strength, and obviously, she defeats me in episode four — which is infuriating! I’ll get you, yet! (Laughs.) "

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