Stranger Things Season 5 Working Title and Filming Update

Date:  November 20, 2023

Stranger Things fans are eagerly anticipating insights into the production of the upcoming final season. We're thrilled to share a significant update regarding the filming progress, including the newly disclosed working title for Season 5.

Filming for the final season was initially scheduled to kick off in June 2023. Unfortunately, a setback occurred with the dual impact of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, causing a delay in production. Following the resolution of both strikes, Stranger Things star David Harbour assured fans that the cast would soon resume work. In line with this, a recent report confirms that production for the final season is currently underway.

Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Update

Stranger Things Season 5 Working Title

Sources reveal that production for season 5 commenced last Monday in Atlanta. The team is actively in the process of building various sets, notably a new farmhouse set. They are also wrapping up the pre-filming procedures and negotiating with actors to finalize their availability dates. Several cast members are currently occupied with other projects such as Winona Ryder who is filming Beetlejuice 2. Once all these logistical aspects are resolved, filming is expected to kick off.

David Harbour and Joey Keery were spotted in Atlanta last week so it is possible that they were in touch with the production team. However other members like Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo and Natalia Dyer were seen attending events in Los Angeles. They will be back to work on season 5 once all the pre-filming procedure is done.

Prior to the filming for season 5, there will be a table read involving all cast members. This customary practice typically takes place on Fridays, so be sure to mark your calendar for that. After the table read, they will proceed with costume fittings and other preparatory tasks. Once these are finalized, the filming will officially begin in Atlanta.

The news about the construction of a farmhouse set corresponds with the pre-visualization from season 5 that featured Dustin, Jonathan, and Nancy. This pre-visualization is set at McCorkle Farm, a location previously featured in season 2. It was one of the farms that was affected by the tunnel systems. It appears that the narrative may involve a visit to the Upside Down utilizing the McCorkle Farm setting.

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Stranger Things Season 5 Working Title

For those unfamiliar with the practice, studios often film under a working title to maintain anonymity and avoid recognition by the general public. Season 4 was produced under the working title Tareco.

The initial working title for season 5, as disclosed by various sources in February 2023, was JERICHO. However, due to the occurrence of a writers' strike, the filming schedule experienced delays. Subsequently, numerous developments have taken place, leading to a revision of the working title for the upcoming season.

According to a report by The Cosmic Circus, the current production title for season 5 is Cedar Lodge. Notably, the final season will be produced under the production company Bride Lake Productions.

The significance of the working title Cedar Lodge is currently unclear. While some may speculate that it holds clues or connections to season 5's plot, it's important to note that working titles may not necessarily reflect specific details about the content.

Though these are just rumours as of now and the official working title will be revealed when it is listed in Production Weekly. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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