Fans are Convinced that Will Byers Has Secret Powers after Watching the Play

Date:  November 22, 2023

We all know that Stranger Things season 5 will center around Will Byers. Some people have speculated regarding the possibility of the character acquiring superpowers in this season. However, hints from the latest Stranger Things Play indicate that Will Byers may already possess secret powers.

Will Byers was transported to the Upside Down in season 1. Despite returning to the real world, he appears to maintain a unique connection with the alternate dimension. Notably, he can sense the proximity of the Mind Flayer and Vecna. Unlike characters such as Eleven and Henry Creel, Will does not exhibit any additional powers.

Noah Schnapp Will Byers Stranger Things

The latest clues from the Stranger Things Play suggest that Will Byers already possesses similar powers or even stronger ones.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Stranger Things Play Hints at Will Byers Having Powers

The play unveiled that Henry Creel spent 12 hours in the Upside Down as a child, an experience that gave him superpowers. Upon returning to the real world, he frequently found himself under the influence of the Mind Flayer, although he successfully resisted its control on some occasions. It is not certain if the Mind Flayer gave him the powers though it is very much possible.

Similarly, Will Byers spent a week in the Upside Down and he may have gained powers that he keeps hidden. The extended duration of his stay raises speculation that Will's abilities might surpass even those of Henry Creel. Notably, it's suggested that Will could be stronger than Eleven, as her powers were derived from Henry's blood, whereas Will got it from the original source implying even greater strength.

It's interesting to note that in the original script for the series pilot, there was a planned detail for Will Byers as he was captured and taken to the Upside Down. According to the script, his nose and ears were intended to start bleeding during this critical moment.

Parallels Between Henry Creel and Will Byers

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In the play, numerous parallels between Henry Creel and Will Byers emerge. Both characters experienced possession by the Mind Flayer but managed to resist through the power of love. A specific scene highlights Henry's struggle with Mind Flayer possession, during which his girlfriend Patty plays a pivotal role. Through her encouragement to fight back and the expression of her love, Henry regains control.

This scene in the play strikingly mirrors a moment from season 2 when Will Byers faced Mind Flayer possession. Mike Wheeler's emotional speech played a crucial role in encouraging Will to resist and fight back. The romantically written nature of both scenes suggests a thematic connection that might offer hope to Byler fans.

Also in the play, Henry Creel tells Patty Newby that he prefers spending time in the attic because "he likes it cold". It echoes Will Byers' remark in season 2 when he told Joyce that he likes it cold. 

The evident parallels between Henry Creel and Will Byers strongly imply a significant connection between the two characters. Considering Henry's development of powers after being in the Upside Down, it raises the intriguing possibility that Will Byers might also possess secret powers. These potential hidden abilities will be explored in the season finale.

Earlier the Duffer Brothers said that season 5 is inspired by season 2 and the new insights from Stranger Things Play have made it clear. So if you want to get clues for the season finale, make sure to rewatch the second season.

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