Theory: The Letters Will Help Save Max's Life

Date:  September 6, 2022

Stranger Things will return for the final season in 2024. As the fans wait to see their favourites back on screen, they have been busy writing theories for season 5. Many of them revolve around the fate of Max (Sadie Sink).

Stranger Things fans have a lot of questions going into the fifth season after the emotionally gut-wrenching season four finale. At the end of the season, Max was killed by Vecna but she was brought back to life by Eleven. Currently, she is in a coma and her fate is uncertain.

The popular theory is that Vecna has taken Max's mind and this is the reason Eleven could not find anything inside Max's mind. However a user has posted a wilder theory about Max's character arc next season.

Sadie Sink gave an award-worthy performance in Chapter 4: Dear Billy which was arguably the best episode of season 4. In the episode, her character Max writes to her loved ones, which some think will come into play in season 5. Redditor English_Rose_2016 believes Max's letters could help save her life. The user wrote,

"I have a feeling Max’s letters might come in useful when it comes to time travel. Maybe a hidden message in them so 001 can’t see what they are up to. Max called them a fail safe. Maybe El goes back to Max’s child memory and gives her a message."

This theory also involves time travel which is another popular theory among fans for season 5. You can read it below.

[SPOILER] Season 5 Time Travel
byu/Zach22800 inStrangerThings

This could be a way of defeating Vecna and saving Max, assuming time travel does come into play next season.

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