Why Vecna Won’t Die In Season 4?

Date:  June 28, 2022

Stranger Things has already teased that the Hawkins group won’t be able to beat Vecna in the season 4 finale. The new trailer for volume 2 hints at a major battle between Hawkins and Vecna, but, as Robin mentions, this might not work out well this time.

Stranger Things gang are facing different foes in season 4 but the most dangerous threat comes from Vecna. The terrifying villain from the Upside Down has already taken the lives of several Hawkins teenagers. Eleven is not aware of Vecna's curses in Hawkins but she has found out that his origins. Born Henry Creel, he discovered he had telepathic abilities, but used them to murder his family. Later Henry Creel became Number One at Hawkins Lab under the supervision of Dr. Brenner to recreate One’s powers in other children like Eleven. After murdering everyone in Hawkins Lab in 1979, a young Eleven banished One to the Upside Down, where he transformed into Vecna.

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Stranger Things characters were able to beat the Demogorgons and Mind Flayer in previous seasons, season 4’s ending setup suggests our gang will lose this round. As such, Stranger Things has teased that Vecna will survive season 4 and would be defeated in season 5.

Vecna is the Most Terrifying Villain in Stranger Things

Full explanation of the identity powers and origin of Stranger

Vecna is by far the most terrifying villain Stranger Things has presented. It is also hinted that he has been in control of the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons this entire time. Unlike the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons, Vecna can speak and has clear motivations for his terror. He tortures his victims by digging at their traumas and feeds on their fear and guilt. He is also the first villain who has a backstory and a purpose. So moving into season 5, Vecna appears to be Stranger Things’ endgame villain. If Vecna were to die in season 4 finale, the characters would be less engaging emotionally to fight in the last season.

Dungeons & Dragons Game Teased Vecna’s Fate

In season 1's opening scene, Dungeons & Dragons game hinted at Will’s Upside Down abduction. Similarly, the season 4 premiere’s campaign teases Vecna’s fate. When Mike and Dustin thought that Kas the Bloody-Handed had already defeated Vecna, Eddie Munson revealed that “Vecna lives.” Later Dustin then rolls the die as he tries to beat Vecna for good, but only rolls an 11 and loses. Erica then manages to achieve a 20, which effectively kills Vecna.

This D&D game seems to have predicted the events of season 4. When it was believed that Kas the Bloody-Handed killed Vecna it is actually be referring to Eleven banishing  One to the Upside Down, Dustin tries to beat Vecna in the game and is unsuccessful when he rolls an 11, which suggests Eleven alone won’t be enough to kill Vecna in. When the characters have another turn to finally beat Vecna, like Erica's turn in the D&D game, it seems this won't be possible until they acquire more powers which would be in season 5.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Won’t Have a Happy Ending

stranger things season 4 steve eddie nancy robin

The Duffer brothers have teased that season 4 will not have a happy ending. Previous seasons of Stranger Things typically end with the characters defeating the Upside Down’s villains. It looks like this won't be the case for season 4 volume 2 as Vecna will be victorious heading into season 5.

Considering Jamie Campbell Bower’s portrayal of Vecna/Henry Creel/One has become highly popular among fans, the makers will not diminish him to just one season. Since it’s hinted that one of the major characters will be killed by Vecna, our characters’ motivation to defeat him will be far more personal and vengeful in the next season.

Do you think Vecna will die in season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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