Does Will Byers turn Evil in Volume 2?

Date:  June 23, 2022

In season 4 of Stranger Things, it was finally revealed that Vecna is another villain from the Upside Down. There are a lot of hints that his next target might be Will Byers. Some fans even believe that Will Byers will turn evil in part 2 of season 4.

Will Byers was the main focus of season 1, as he went missing in Hawkins who was actually trapped in the Upside Down. His friends and family uncovered what was really happening in their small town. As we came to know about monsters, it just shows how much Will Byers had gone through. Now a dark theory reveals that Will Byers will be the show's new villain.

Let's dig it out.


In season 1, Will was hunted by a Demogorgon and found himself in the Upside Down. While a lot of his victims were immediately killed, Will was able to hide and survived for 6 days. It shows that Will has a strong connection to the alternate reality. We also find out that the Upside Down is stuck in 1983: the exact date that Will went missing. So if even a small amount of time there can alter someone's mind, the time spent there must have had some adverse effect on young Will's psyche, which may be revealed in a villainous way later in Stranger Things.

Interestingly Will and Henry shares some resemblance. In the first season, her mother Joyce describes her son as a sensitive child. This is very much emphasized continually throughout the series. Will is indeed the quietest spending a lot of time alone drawing. Similarly, Henry was also described as being sensitive by his father. He was shown spending a lot of time keeping himself to himself and apparently enjoyed drawing. Also, in D&D lore, Vecna is a wizard, which is exactly the same class as Will's character, 'Will the Wise'.

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It is already known that Vecna targets those who have a lot of inner trauma like Chrissy, Fred and Max. Will, as earlier mentioned, spent 6 whole days in the Upside Down, which would have disturbed his personality. Also, Will has always been the outcast of the group. He was in the Upside Down in Things season 1, and season 2 saw him coping with the trauma, which made him grow distant. Later he was possessed by the Mind-Flayer. Season 3 saw him constantly mention just wanting to play D&D with his friends, while they were busy with their love interests. This rejection and distance from his closest friends only add to Will's trauma, making him vulnerable to Vecna.

We also get to know that Vecna is open to accomplices, as already demonstrated when he tried to recruit Eleven. Thus we could see the same happening with Will considering his similarities to young Henry.

Will has gone through the worst and if anyone could become corrupted by it, it would be him. He was there for nearly a week, and he's been possessed by the Mind-Flayer before. Thus it would be easy to see a possible villain arc for him.


So far the group has only faced truly evil, larger-than-life monsters. If Will Byers turns evil, it would add a new dimension to the show.

Do you think Will Byers will turn evil? Put your thoughts in the comments section.

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6 comments on “Does Will Byers turn Evil in Volume 2?”

  1. 100 % has the potential to! I just hope the next two episodes won’t be rushed to squeeze everything in!

    1. That’s okay if they do though! They’ll end up making another season. They always do. They’ll loose so much money if they really do stop. We just gotta wait and see how the last episode ends

  2. I think that something will definitely happen to Will like it’s so obvious but who knows this theory might be actually true.

    1. If thia theory is indeed true, it could happen in season 5, but I believe Brenner still has a big role to play. He could be the villain in the hero.

  3. No. He just comes out of the closet and hooks up with that trans, Asian guidance councilor. He's a bit of bummer this season!
    Maybe it's because we missed his birthday ala 16 Candles. (How very 80's!)

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