Every Hidden Detail That Predicted The Vecna Reveal

Date:  June 16, 2022

The reveal of Vecna's true identity was the most shocking twist of season 4. Even if the fans had doubts about Peter Ballard, they had no idea that he would turn out to be not only the season's villain, but also One, and even Henry Creel.

There have been several secret details throughout the season that hinted at the grand reveal. Today we are gonna look at some of those clues. Let's take a look.

The Crack In The Hawkins Lab Wall Behind Young Eleven

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The first episode of season 4 starts with the massacre at Hawkins lab. In the bloody aftermath, a large crack is visible behind a young Eleven in the Rainbow Room. This is evidence that she has sent Henry Creel into the Upside Down where he transforms into Vecna. It's beneath a clock, which later becomes the symbol of his misfeasance.

When Eleven retraces her memories in an effort to recall the events of that day, Henry Creel is the first person she sees standing alone in the Rainbow Room. No matter where she runs to, she cannot escape him or that room. Later on, he tells her that he is indeed One and Vecna.

Eddie Telling The Hellfire Club That Vecna is Alive

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In season 4 Eddie started a D&D campaign and tells the Hellfire Club that Vecna, which was presumed dead, has been alive the whole time. It shocks the players, having assumed they have to face a new threat. Needless to say that there are several connections between D&D and Stranger Things.

Similarly, Henry Creel was assumed to have been dead with the rest of his family, but in reality, he slipped into a coma. He was later adopted by Dr. Brenner and taken to Hawkins National Laboratory.

Max Ripping A Piece Out Of Vecna's Neck

Max Escapes Vecna

In episode 4, Max was possessed by Vecna. To escape, she rips out a piece of Vecna's neck. This causes Vecna to release her and she is saved by Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill.

Similarly in the seventh episode, Eleven rips out a "tracking device" from Peter Ballard which is really an inhibitor device. As a result, he was able to use his powers as One.

Vecna's Victims In The Hawkins Lab

All the victims of Vecna have missing eyes. In the flashback of the Hawkins Lab massacre, the victims also have the same characteristics.

As the season goes on we find out that it's not Eleven who did this but in fact, it is One who later becomes Vecna.

Peter Uses His Left Hand Just Like Vecna

stranger things season 4 episode 7 peter

During the massacre at Hawkins Lab, Peter kills two guards with similar abilities to Eleven. During his confrontation scene in the Rainbow Room, he also uses his left hand.

Similarly, whenever Vecna kills his victims, he always brings his left hand up and kills them by placing it over their heads. If you study closely you can find out that Peter's physical mannerism is the same as Vecna.

Jamie Campbell Bower Is Credited In Every Episode

Actor Jamie Campbell Bower appears as Peter in four episodes and yet his name is credited in every single episode. This is due to the fact that it is the same actor under all Vecma's makeup.

Peter Telling Eleven About One

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Peter tells Eleven about One that he was very close to him and points out their similarities. When she asks what happened to One, Peter says that it's a "story for another time." We finally find out the truth in episode 7.

In order to help Eleven to regain her powers, Peter tells her she can access her powers if she unlocks a painful memory from her past. Peter knows this secret because he's really One, who uses the horrible memories of his childhood as Henry Creel to kill all kids of Hawkins National Laboratory.

Did you guys were able to predict the big twist in season 4? Let us know in the comments section.

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2 comments on “Every Hidden Detail That Predicted The Vecna Reveal”

  1. Vecna actually appears in front of Will during Episode 1, Season 1, just before his bike goes off trail!
    You can also hear the clocksounds during the previous seasons! The Venca/Henry/001 episode reveal was awesome!

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