Is Noah Schnapp Feeling Isolated on Stranger Things 5 Set?

Date:  February 3, 2024

The ongoing controversy involving Noah Schnapp shows no signs of resolution. According to a recent media report, the actor is feeling isolated on the set of Stranger Things season 5.

Schnapp has been under fire since October 2023 when he made a controversial statement regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Additionally, he received backlash for his involvement in a video that promoted stickers containing phrases such as "Zionism is Sexy."


The controversy sparked significant outrage among Stranger Things fans, who demanded the actor be replaced in the final season. Despite this, Netflix opted to retain Schnapp due to his central role in season 5.

Last month, the filming for Stranger Things 5 officially began in Atlanta. Since then, several leaks from the sets have surfaced, revealing the first looks of Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, and Gaten Matarazzo. However, Schnapp has not been spotted on the sets so far.

Noah Schnapp is Feeling Isolated on Stranger Things 5 Set

Now a new report by DeuxMoi suggests that tension is brewing on the sets of Stranger Things season 5, attributed to Noah Schnapp. It says that the managers of other cast members have allegedly instructed them to refrain from interacting with Schnapp or posting any photographs with him.

This alleged situation has led to a breakdown on the Stranger Things sets, ultimately resulting in the hiring of a psychologist to support Noah Schnapp, as the circumstances were reportedly negatively impacting his mental health.

As of now, the authenticity of this report cannot be verified. However, it is plausible that there is some tension on the sets due to the polarizing views of the cast members. Some of them may have been advised to not interact with Schnapp to avoid potential backlash.

In addition to Schnapp, Brett Gelman and Ross Duffer have also expressed their support for Israel. However, the rest of the cast members have chosen to remain neutral and have not addressed the matter so far.

Noah Schnapp Addresses the Controversy

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Recently, Schnapp addressed the ongoing controversy in a video, expressing his desire for peace, safety, and security for all innocent people affected by the conflict. He concluded the video with a heartfelt message,

"We are all human and we’re all the same. We should all love each other for that and support each other and stand together for humanity and for peace."

Despite Schnapp's clarification, he continued to face online hate. Many users argued that the actor did not issue a formal apology for his actions, while others perceived his statement as merely a PR move aimed at damage control.

Following the backlash, the actor has once again disabled the comments section and removed some pictures from Instagram, including the controversial statement. Additionally, he has experienced a significant loss of approximately 2 million followers since the controversy began.

Despite the controversy, filming for the final season of Stranger Things is proceeding at full throttle. Fans are eagerly anticipating to see the glimpses of Will Byers from the set. However, the production team is likely to tightly guard any such reveals, as his appearance could potentially divulge significant details about the final season

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