Fans are Scared for Steve after Season 5 Shotlist Scene Goes Viral

Date:  October 31, 2023

The shooting for the final season of Stranger Things has not yet commenced, primarily due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. The Stranger Things production team is currently planning scenes for season 5. Fans have recently gained insight into these preparations through a behind-the-scenes video, unveiling exciting details about the upcoming season.

The Duffer Brothers recently posted an interesting video on Instagram, offering fans a sneak peek into their creative process for an upcoming scene in season 5. In the video, they are using Funko Pops to map out the scene, and it appears to feature beloved characters like Joyce, Nancy, Robin, Eleven, and Will Byers.

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While the video unfolds, the Duffer Brothers can be heard discussing Eleven's role, with some comments hinting at intriguing developments. The video then shifts focus to Will Byers, capturing a close-up shot that conveys his character's nervous demeanor, adding to the mystery and anticipation surrounding the upcoming season.

This behind-the-scenes glimpse offers fans valuable insights into the creators' creative vision and has ignited excitement about what lies ahead for these characters in season 5. You can check out the complete video below.

Interestingly in the background, we spot Mike Wheeler standing alone, raising concerns that he may be in potential danger. This situation suggests that the team is making efforts to ensure his safety. Recent fan theories have been circulating, speculating that Mike could become Vecna's first target in season 5. It adds credibility to the idea that he is indeed at risk. This heightened sense of danger is reflected in Will's anxious expression.

In the background, we can also spot Dustin and Hopper. Nevertheless, it's worth considering that this could be a separate scene, and they may not be at the same location. Their presence in this different context raises intriguing questions about the narrative's direction in season 5.

Is Steve Harrington in Danger?

Eagle-eyed fans keenly observed that Steve's Funko Pop figure was lying down, raising concerns about the fate of their beloved character. Speculations are rife among fans, with some fearing that this arrangement might suggest his demise in season 5. Others believe that Steve might indeed face a perilous situation in the upcoming season but will ultimately be rescued by the Hawkins gang, offering a glimmer of hope for his character's survival.



Another plausible scenario to consider is that Steve is playing dead as part of a larger plan. This intriguing possibility adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative, particularly if it unfolds in season 5.

As this scene continues to spark various interpretations among fans, it's crucial to keep in mind that Steve's Funko Pop lying down could merely indicate that he is not a part of this specific scene, rather than signaling anything about his character's fate.

After this video went viral on social media, many users expressed their concern for Steve. One user wrote, "Steve if you don’t get the fuck UP and stop playing games"

Another user wrote, "If they k!ll Steve Harrington I will never trust anyone ever again"

A third wrote, "Steve laying down in the corner actually makes me so scared i will not survive it"

One fan has a perfect response as he said that he owns Steve's Funko Pop and it cannot stand up, "Steve's down/injured/d3ad" meanwhile as an owner of that specific Funko I know for a fact it's just incapable of standing up unless you fool around with it for entirely too long and EVEN THEN there's no guarantee he stays upright"

Do you think Steve Harrington will be safe in season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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