Dark Stranger Things Theory Reveals Vecna's First Target in Season 5

Date:  October 18, 2023

As the release of Stranger Things final season is still far in the future, fans are keeping themselves busy by exploring intriguing theories to anticipate what Season 5 might have in store. Among the latest theories, one has placed Mike Wheeler in the hot seat.

In the season 4 finale, there was a traumatic battle at the end as Vecna successfully opened the gates between Upside Down and Hawkins. In the aftermath, Max lies in a coma, and the rest of the group is determined to find a way to endure the impending final showdown. It's highly probable that Vecna will set his sights on the remaining characters in the upcoming season. The burning question now is, who will be Vecna's next target?

A fan @satellitesfilm has shared an interesting theory on Tumblr by stating that Mike Wheeler will be the first victim of Vecna in season 5. Last season's final shot highlighted the biggest storylines to come and one of them is Will Byers and Mike Wheelers' complicated relationship. Considering that Will is secretly in love with Mike, this theory does make some sense.

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Mike Wheeler will be the First Target of Vecna in Season 5

At the heart of this theory lies the notion that Vecna uses pain, weakness, and fear to manipulate and control individuals. We all know that Vecna's prime target is Will Byers, who has been enduring torment and anguish since the very beginning of the series. Last season Will expressed his true feelings about how losing Mike has left him devastated and he makes him not a mistake at all. This will be a major plot point as Vecna will be targeting Mike to get to Will.

Vecna thrives on exploiting Will's pain but in contrast to his previous targets such as Max or Chrissy, he utilizes Will's feelings and past traumas against him. The weaker and more vulnerable Will becomes, the stronger Vecna grows. Here's the catch: Mike Wheeler makes Will feel strong and therefore he is an obstacle to Vecna's sinister plans. For Will, losing Mike would be the last straw and he would be completely defenseless, making him an easy target.

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The theory further states that Vecna could be subtly manipulating from the very beginning. Mike played a pivotal role in saving Will from the clutches of the Upside Down. He knew about the mind flayer using Will as a spy in season 2. Vecna's grand scheme centers on Eleven and Will, and Mike serves as the key to both of them. Season 4 saw Vecna successfully getting through to Nancy Wheeler and Mike was dead in her vision. It's possible that Vecna's plan is to eliminate Mike, thus crippling Will emotionally.

Will Byers Coming of Age Story in Season 5

However, despite Will's current sense of weakness and self-doubt, the theory suggests that the final season will serve as his coming of age. Will's journey involves confronting his past, reconciling with his identity, and finding the strength to stand against Vecna. Love will be a central theme, and Mike, who is not only Will's best friend but also the person Will loves deeply, will play a crucial role in his personal transformation.

This theory concludes with the proposal that love will be Vecna's greatest nemesis. Will's journey stands in direct opposition to Vecna's dark ambitions as he strives to harness the power of love and unity in his battle. Love played a pivotal role in saving him initially, and it will once more come to his rescue.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Who do you think will be the first target of Vecna in season 5? Let us know in the comments section.

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