Big Reveal: Vecna Was Communicating With Will Byers in Season 4

Date:  October 1, 2023

Each season of Stranger Things is packed with hidden clues and enigmatic moments that keep fans speculating. Season 4 is no exception as fans continue to analyze the small moments. Now a huge secret has been unveiled which shows that there is a cryptic connection between Vecna and Will. A recently surfaced interview with the subtitle creator of the show has shed light on a particular scene that has sent fans into a frenzy.

In the season 4 finale, there is an intriguing scene featuring Will Byers that caught the attention of viewers. Will is seen rubbing the back of his neck, an action he often does when he senses Vecna's presence. However, what caught the subtitle linguists' eye was the subtitle displayed during this scene - "sibilant trilling."

vecna and will byers

The subtitle creator shared insights into this specific moment, emphasizing its significance. He told Netflix in an interview, "I remember I latched onto one cue in particular because it’s my sweet baby, Will [Noah Schnapp]. At the very end of the season, he starts rubbing the back of his neck. The first couple of passes we had, there was no audio cue on there. But then our very final pass, they included that whispering sinister trilling. And I was like, “Oh, they very specifically wanted that to be emphasized.” They added it back in the final cut because they’re like, “This is plot relevant. This is something that we are putting in.” So I made sure to add that back in on the final pass."

It implies that there was a sound or vocalization associated with Vecna's presence in that scene, and it was labeled as "sibilant trilling" in the subtitle. This sound or vocalization likely had a specific significance in the context of the show, indicating that Vecna was indeed communicating with Will Byers. The fact that the subtitle was deliberately added and emphasized in the final cut reinforces the idea that this was a plot-relevant element of the scene.

We were aware that Will could feel Vecna's presence, but it came as a surprise that they could actually communicate. Though we still don't know the precise details of their communication such as what is Vecna conveying to Will.

Will Byers and Vecna Connection


As soon as Will arrived in Hawkins, he could feel Vecna's presence. Maybe Will's connection with Upside Down, and particularly Vecna, runs deeper than previously imagined. There have been many theories regarding Vecna and Will's connection. Some fans believe that their story will be similar to Harry Potter and Voldemort.

It could be that Vecna may have chosen Will as a recruit for some dark purpose, while some suspect that Will's unique sensitivity to supernatural occurrences in Hawkins may have drawn Vecna's attention. The eerie whispers and sibilant trilling that accompanied this mysterious communication only add to the intrigue.

This new insight has fans eagerly awaiting the release of season 5 to uncover the truth behind Vecna and Will's communication. Could it be a signal, a hidden message, or a clue to a larger conspiracy within the Stranger Things universe? We have to wait for season 5 to find out.

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