Natalia Dyer Reveals How She Believes Love Triangle Could End in Final Season

Date:  August 31, 2022

Natalia Dyer has shared her thoughts on how she thinks the love triangle involving her character Nancy with Jonathan and Steve will end in season 5.

In season 1. Nancy was originally dating Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) until she grew closer to Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) due to her best friend going missing following Will Byers. Since then, Nancy and Jonathan have been a couple though they are going through a rough patch in the fourth season after the Byers moved away to California. Nancy has reconnected with Steve and they have grown closer.

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In a recent interview, Natalia talked about the love triangle. Appearing on the podcast Reign with Josh Smith, the actress said:

“It's really hard to think about who she's gonna end up with between Jonathan and Steve, she loves both of them in different ways. It's such a traumatic thing that they're all going through, that they're all bonded and they all care about each other.”

She added: “There's so much more than just these romantic feelings going on. I could see her not being with anybody in the end to be honest, it's just so much to process what's going on. I don't think she's in a head space for romance really, personally and we've never really seen her single, she's always been with somebody and I feel like maybe she has some single solo growing to do.”

In real life, Dyer has been dating Heaton since 2016. Though there are some rumours that the couple has split up but there is nothing official yet.

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