Stranger Things Season 5 is Officially in Production

Date:  December 6, 2023

Finally, the eagerly anticipated news has arrived for fans of Stranger Things—the production of the final season is officially underway.

Pre-production has been in full swing for the past couple of weeks, with massive sets under construction, signaling that the final season will be on a huge scale. Leaked photos from the sets have offered insights into the upcoming season, revealing a Christmas theme for season 5.

Stranger Things creator Ross Duffer has been actively sharing photos from the sets on Instagram. Today, he unveiled the new logo for season 5 directly from the sets. He also announced their return to the studio, confirming the official commencement of production for the final season.

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Ross Duffer also offered intriguing insights by sharing two photos from the sets. The images feature two sign boards labeled "Team Jonathan" and "Team Steve," hinting that the love triangle involves Jonathan Byers, Nancy Wheeler, and Steve Harrington will be a major theme in season 5's promotional campaign. 407711579 1714177245775301 5536620104208571702 n 1179 1 407711625 194843183697591 3554234650571936907 n 1179

Both sign boards contained links to Spotify songs, though the songs were initially blurred out. Still, some fans on the internet managed to uncover the hidden tracks. For Jonathan, the selected song is "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" by The Smiths. Meanwhile, for Janothon, the chosen track is "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart.

Since the links for the songs were blurred out, it suggests that they might contain hints about the season 5 storyline for both characters. Listening to these songs could potentially reveal clues and insights into the upcoming developments for Steve and Jonothon.

Season 5 Table Read is Coming Soon

With the recent surge in updates and leaks, it seems that filming for season 5 of Stranger Things is imminent. However, before the cameras start rolling, there is an eagerly anticipated table read for the upcoming season. Traditionally, these table reads often take place on Fridays, heightening the possibility that it might occur this week. The creators have officially confirmed that the table read is scheduled for December 2023.

Stranger Things 5 title card

Just a couple of days ago, Joey Keery, Charlie Heaton, and Natalia Dyer were spotted in Atlanta, fueling speculation that they are in town for the production of season 5 of Stranger Things. The recent teases have added to the excitement, suggesting that these actors might play significant roles in the series finale.

Following the table read and costume fittings, the actors are set to return to the set to kick off the filming of the much-anticipated final season. However, some unconfirmed reports suggest that due to the approaching holiday season, the commencement of filming might be delayed until January 8, 2024.

Another speculation among fans is if Noah Schnapp will be back in season 5. Despite the calls for actors to be replaced in season 5 of Stranger Things, it appears that he will indeed be returning to portray the iconic character of Will Byers. Netflix has decided not to fire Schnapp after he was seen promoting stickers with the slogan "Zionism is Sexy".

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