David Harbour says Byler Will Not Happen in Season 5

Date:  November 14, 2023

A major topic of debate within the Stranger Things fan community is whether Byler would be the endgame in Season 5. Now David Harbour has offered his perspective, indicating that Byler would likely not happen in the final season.

Byler refers to the romantic pairing of characters Mike Wheeler and Will Byers in the Stranger Things series. The emergence of the Byler fandom can be traced back to season 1 when it was hinted that Will might be gay. In season 4, this speculation was confirmed as it was revealed that Will Byers is indeed gay and is secretly in love with his best friend, Mike.


Subsequently, the Byler ship has garnered increased attention, with fans actively engaged in uncovering hints and clues to solidify their belief in it becoming the ultimate endgame. However, David Harbour's recent statements may dash these hopes, as he does not envision Byler becoming canon in the upcoming final season. Instead, he anticipates that Mileven (Mike and Eleven) will take center stage as the canonical romantic pairing in the forthcoming season.

The actor was present at Motor City Comic Con where he answered fans' questions. When one of them asked him about Mike and Will's relationship, he said,

"But I don't think, I mean I don't, but I don't think there is a turn in Mike. Mike’s, a, you know, proclivity is pretty clear, he seems to love Eleven. So I'm sorry for all of you um -what do you call them?- by, byler, by, I don't know if your ship is going to sail."

Below is the video.

Will Mileven be Canon in Season 5?


David Harbour's recent comments hint strongly at the likelihood of Mike and Eleven getting together in season 5. Given that Harbour knows the ending of Stranger Things, his statement carries substantial weight. However, it's also plausible that the actor is cautious about revealing spoilers, opting for a more guarded response to maintain the suspense for fans eagerly anticipating the series finale.

It has also been teased that Will Byers will have a happy ending. The revelation that no new characters will be introduced in the final season implies that he will not have a new love interest. It will be interesting to see how the creators of Stranger Things will conclude Will's storyline in the absence of a new romantic subplot.

Some of the fans were disappointed with David's statement alleging that the show has queerbaited them. One of them wrote on Twitter, "well now that david harbour basically said byler isnt happening yall dont have a reason to turn in to the show anymore! boycott stranger things thank you."

Others were happy saying that Mileven endgame was set up right from season 1. A user said, "why does Byler Stan think David is lying. I mean, Mike loves El and Mileven endgame was set up right from part one. It's not something recent or surprising."

Stranger Things is gearing up for its fifth and final season as the production on the show is set to resume soon.

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