Will Sean Astin Return as Bob in Stranger Things Season 5?

Date:  December 6, 2023

Sean Astin played the role of Bob Newby in Stranger Things season 2 and fans instantly fell in love with the character. While he has a tragic death in the season finale, the actor has recently discussed the possibility of his return for season 5.

Bob Newby was the boyfriend of Joyce Byers and endeared himself to viewers as a kind and lovable man. He formed a special bond with Will Byers, offering him guidance and support. Unfortunately, Bob met a tragic end in a fight with demodogs during the season, leaving many fans heartbroken due to the immense likability of his character.

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After watching "Stranger Things: The First Shadow," Bob's story takes on a more tragic turn. The play unveiled that Bob was in love with Joyce during their school days in 1959. However, he refrained from expressing his feelings because he believed Joyce harbored romantic feelings for Hopper.

During his recent appearance at LA Comic-Con alongside the Lord of the Rings cast, Sean Astin delved into his work beyond LOTR. Discussing his involvement in Stranger Things, he disclosed that fans have expressed a strong desire for his return to the series.

"Fans would say, 'Are you gonna be in 'Stranger Things',' and I would say, 'No, I'm dead.' But why couldn't they do a flashback [for Season 5]... to a happier time with—I know why they won't. Because it's going to be Hopper and Joyce, and they're not going to want to flashback to a time when she was actually happy [laughs]."

Will Bob Return in Stranger Things Season 5?

While Bob will not be revived in season 5, there's potential for his presence in a flashback scene. The importance of Henry Creel's backstory in understanding his motives suggests the likelihood of a flashback to 1959 when Henry, Joyce, Hopper, and Bob were in high school.


Another possibility is that when Joyce crosses paths with Vecna, he could torment her by bringing Bob into her head. We all know that Vecna tortures his victims by showing them their tragic past.

Nonetheless, he will definitely be mentioned in season 5 as the important key to concluding Stranger Things might lie with Bob's sister Patty Newby. She was the girlfriend of Henry Creel and had his diary which could contain hidden secrets and clues to defeat the Mind Flayer.

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