Stranger Things Play Reveals the Tragic Ending of Hopper and Joyce

Date:  November 19, 2023

Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers stand out as one of the most beloved couples among Stranger Things fans. Viewers have been eagerly anticipating their union since the debut of season 1. However, revelations in Stranger Things: The First Shadow show that their connection nearly became a reality when they were young.

In season 1, Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers were in their 40s. Although they were acquainted, there wasn't any particularly close relationship between them at that time. Hopper experienced the tragic loss of his daughter, leading him to a struggle with alcoholism. Eventually, he divorced his wife, leaving him single. Joyce, similarly, went through a divorce with her husband, Lonnie Byers. She was left to care for her two children, Will Byers and Jonathan Byers.

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While their eventual union took place in season 4, some fans might be unaware that Hopper and Joyce were romantically involved during their high school years. Stranger Things: The First Shadow has unveiled the tragic conclusion to their love story.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Hopper and Joyce Planned a Date at Enzo's

Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers shared the same high school, along with Bob Newby. It is implied that Bob harbored romantic feelings for Joyce, but he believed that she was interested in Hopper.

The play has many scenes that subtly suggest the possibility of a love story between Hopper and Joyce. Their interactions include moments of flirtation, and there was an almost kiss that was interrupted. Hopper even suggested the idea of running off to Mexico together. However, Joyce's determination to uncover the mystery of the animal killings in Hawkins took precedence over personal pursuits as she wanted to save her town.

While it seems they will get back together, fate has a tragic ending for them. At the end of the play, Joyce plans to meet Hopper at Enzo's at midnight. Unfortunately, Hopper is unable to make it as he is set to leave for war the following morning. Hence their intended date was unfulfilled as Hopper was drafted into the Vietnam War in 1963.


As Jim Hopper goes off to war, Joyce finds herself in a relationship with Lonnie Byers. He is portrayed as a shit person who has even said hurtful things to Joyce. Eventually, they got married and had kids together. The reasons behind Joyce's decision to date and marry Lonnie, despite his flaws and her history with Hopper, are not explicitly known. Though she might have a reputation of liking bad boys as suggested by Hopper's dad.

The tragic tale of Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers came full circle in season 3 when the adult Hopper expressed his desire to take Joyce on a date at Enzo's. However, that date was also not fulfilled as Hopper met a tragic fate, ending up in Russia. The echoes of their unfulfilled past resurfaced, adding a layer of melancholy to their story.

Also, it is quite interesting that in their youth, Hopper planned to leave Hawkins with Joyce, a plan that didn't materialize due to Joyce's disagreement. But in season 3, the tables turned when Joyce wanted to leave Hawkins and Hopper asked her not to go.

After revealing their tragic fate in the play, it will be a satisfying conclusion if Joyce and Hopper shift to Mexico after season 5.

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