Mind-Blowing Theory Reveals the Key To Defeat Vecna

Date:  November 24, 2023

Stranger Things is approaching its conclusion with the upcoming fifth season. As fans eagerly anticipate the final installment, they are speculating about how the series will end. The recent Stranger Things play has disclosed important information that could potentially serve as the key to defeating both Vecna and the Mind Flayer.

We know that adult Henry Creel was banished to the Upside Down transforming into Vecna. In the final moments of season 4, he successfully opened the gates connecting the Upside Down to Hawkins, resulting in extensive damage and showcasing seemingly unstoppable powers. The narrative positions Eleven as the sole individual capable of countering Vecna's formidable abilities.

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It is not clear if the Mind Flayer is controlling Vecna or vice versa. Nevertheless, the newfound insight promises a potential key to overcoming the ultimate villain in the storyline.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Henry Creel Kept a Diary

Now we know that Henry Creel was transported to the Upside Down during his childhood, acquiring powers in the process. It raises intriguing questions about the events that transpired and the identity of those responsible for taking him. The unresolved mystery surrounding his time in the Upside Down holds the potential to contain crucial information that could play a significant role in unraveling the narrative in season 5.

The play mentioned many times that Henry Creel had a diary. He told his girlfriend Patty Newby about writing in codes to keep his mother from reading the diary. The key to cracking these codes is disclosed to be Captain Midnight's Clock. When Henry was taken to Hawkins Lab, Patty Newby visited the Creel House and took his diary.

In the play's conclusion, Henry Creel finds himself trapped at the Hawkins Lab after murdering his family. Meanwhile, Patty left Hawkins following an accident. It is not clear if Patty also took Henry's diary with her or if it was left behind in Hawkins.

The diary appears to be a crucial element that could provide valuable insights into the Upside Down, capturing Henry's initial experiences and interactions with the Mind Flayer. We might get to know some hidden secrets as it could potentially reveal that the Mind Flayer was always in control, and Henry or Vecna were merely pawns in its scheme.

Hence it is very likely that Henry Creel's diary will play an important part in the final season. Its potential role as a key to defeating Vecna and the Mind Flayer adds an exciting dimension to the storyline for season 5. Decoding the diary could be a task well-suited for Dustin or Mike, but enlisting Suzie's assistance might prove beneficial in unraveling its contents.

Patty Newby Might Appear in Season 5

In season 5, the Hawkins gang will have to locate Patty Newby. Some people have theorized that she might be Ms. Kelley, a counselor at Hawkins High School. This theory is fueled by the presence of her clock necklace, leading some to suspect a connection to Vecna. However, it's worth noting the unlikelihood of this theory, as both characters belong to different races.

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It is possible that Patty Newby will make an appearance in the final season. Although the writers have stated that no new characters will be introduced, Patty is not technically new to the Stranger Things universe. Her potential inclusion could contribute significantly to understanding Henry Creel's backstory and unraveling the mysteries in Hawkins.

A Reddit user has shared an interesting scenario about how they can find Patty. In this version, when Joyce and Hopper will discover Henry Creel's responsibility for the events in Hawkins, they will link it to Patty Newby, Bob Newby's sister. Joyce might recall Bob mentioning that he possessed some of Patty's belongings, including the diary. The challenge will arise when they realize that Bob's house, where the diary might have been kept, was sold after his death.

However, the Upside Down preserves everything until November 6, 1983. Realizing that Bob's house in the Upside Down might still contain the diary, they will have to embark on a journey to this alternate dimension.

The user also speculated that they could find the diary in Hopper's cabin. Hopper's dad was the chief and investigating the murders of the Creel family. In season 2, Hopper had many boxes in the cabin and one of them was labeled 'Dad'. There's a possibility that the diary might be stored in that box.

What are your views on this theory? Put down your thoughts in the comments below.

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