Fans Are Convinced School Counsellor Is a Secret Villain

Date:  June 8, 2022

A new fan theory on Stranger Things season 4 suggests that the school counsellor is actually a secret villain.

Since the new season's premiere, fans have been busy speculating different clues regarding the big villain Vecna. This new theory relates to Ms. Kelly, the Hawkins High School guidance counsellor portrayed by Regina Ting Chen. Although she might be helping students recover from their trauma, a number of viewers think she might actually be secretly teaming up Vecna.

The first major clue is her necklace, consisting of a gold chain with a grandfather clock pendant.

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People who have watched season 4 know that all of Vecna's victims have visions of the Creel House clock before becoming a victim to Vecna.

TikTok user @ladybug5489 pointed this detail out, alongside the fact that during all of Max's (Sadie Sink) sessions with Ms. Kelly you can hear a ticking clock in the background, which is similar to the sound the villain's victims hear in the countdown to his attack.

Also note that all of the teens who were targeted by Vecna – including Max, Chrissy and Fred – were seeking the help of Ms. Kelly to deal with their trauma. It could be that she is feeding information about their condition to Vecna. Many fans are convinced that this will be revealed in part 2 which arrives on July 1.

A fan wrote on Twitter, "One thing I noticed about the school counsellor. She was seeing max, Chrissy, Logan, and Patrick but never flagged it to the police when the 3 of them died. Notice she is also wearing a clock pendant. Could she be flayed/controlled?"

Another user wrote: "STRANGER THINGS SPOILERS ok but the school counsellor is suspicious. we can all agree on that right? she has a clock/key necklace and always covers up her wrist (where her number would be hypothetically tattooed). she’s linked to all the cursed kids."

What do you guys think of this theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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