Theory: Will Byers Created the Copy of Hawkins In The Upside Down

Date:  August 9, 2022

Since the beginning of the show, Stranger Things fans have been speculating that Will Byers has some powers (His DnD character is a wizard after all). Now a new theory claims that Will Byers might have created the copy of Hawkins in the Upside Down.

As per this theory, Will created this to comfort himself while he was trapped in The Upside Down, running from the Demogorgon. Vecna is impressed by what Will does and then proceeds to torment him for the entirety of the series, trying to harness his power for his own use. We know that Vecna is open to ruling the world with a partner. And with El unwilling to cooperate, he decided to go after Will instead.

stranger things 3 will rain

The user AWarmBuschHeavy wrote this theory on Reddit.

"My theory on why the UD has the appearance of the day Will entered is because Will made it that way to comfort him when he first got taken there. I think it’s highly possible Will has natural born powers just like Henry/Vecna/One which explains why he’s so obsessed with Will, Will just hasn’t “unlocked” them yet because he’s been too busy battling another mental battle feeling like an outcast because of his sexuality. Whatever these powers are allowed Will to change the physical makeup of the upside down to resemble Hawkins on the last normal night of his life doing the thing he loved most, and mentions wanting to go back to many times throughout the series, playing DND in mikes basement. He subconsciously changed what the upside down looked like while he was in there to comfort himself while lost in this mysterious world. It’s a stretch, but explains why in every season, even in season 4 he mentions wanted to just play DND with his friends forever, and it also explains why Henry would never kill Will, because he sees how powerful/useful he could be as well as sees Will as a younger him (being an outcast/not “normal”/not fitting into societal norms) I think Will plays a much larger role than we think."

What are your views on this theory? Put your thoughts in the comments section.

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