Finn Wolfhard says Stranger Things Season 4 is messy

Date:  October 13, 2021

Fans of Netflix's hit series Stranger Things have been waiting patiently for season 4. They have been stuck in a hiatus as the shooting has taken much longer than expected. Production on season 4 was slowed down by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and only recently wrapped. Luckily, Netflix has confirmed Stranger Things will return in 2022, well over two years since season 3 dropped.

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has teased about season 4 by calling it messed up which might freak audiences out. Netflix has released a couple of teasers to make the audience engaged. Most recently, at Netflix's TUDUM event, a new Stranger Things season 4 trailer teased a mysterious new location: The Creel House, the initially unassuming home for the Creel family in the 1950s that holds malevolent secrets. The teaser, while tantalizing, did little to explain what lies ahead in Stranger Things season 4.

Finn, who plays Mike on the show and has yet to be spotted in any teasers for season 4, couldn't share much more during his recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. However, he did give Stranger Things' new season a rather unnerving qualifier. "Yeah, the show's gonna be really messed up," Wolfhard said, very matter-of-factly. When Fallon tried to trick him into revealing something about, say, Hopper's surprise resurrection or Eleven's powers, he maintained a straight face and said nothing. Netflix has trained him well.

Wolfhard's declaration that season 4 is messed up falls in line with past comments from him and his co-stars about Stranger Things' new episodes. Gaten Matarazzo called it the scariest season yet, and Wolfhard previously described it as the darkest. Netflix has yet to give Stranger Things a concrete return date, but within the first half of 2022 seems likely.

With each passing season, Stranger Things has just gotten bigger and bigger. That's been a concern for some fans, but it should still be quite interesting to see how season 4 takes things to a new level. The Creel House is an intriguing location, and the large cast of newcomers set to flood Hawkins can bring some fresh life to the series. In between all that, it sounds like Stranger Things season 4 will still provide those thrills fans have become accustomed to. Everyone better buckle in before binging - it's going to be a wild ride.

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