Is Will Byers Gay? Stranger Things Creators address Sexuality Mystery

Date:  June 3, 2022

It appears the Stranger Things mystery surrounding Will’s sexuality will soon be solved. In an interview with TVLine, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer make it clear that they understood fans’ curiosity. “You’re supposed to be asking those questions,” says Matt.

However, they aren’t eager to confirm whether or not Noah Schnapp’s character is gay. “This is where it gets tricky since we haven’t released the whole season yet. I just want people to watch the final two episodes” of Season 4. In them, he promises that the audience will get clarity on the matter.

“We have story arcs and we have character arcs,” explains Ross. “How we structured [the season], we’ve released the first two acts of this story. The final act, which is the last two episodes, resolves a lot of things, both character and story, and then some of it is also setting up for our final season.” (Maybe we’ll even find out what’s in the painting that Will’s been carrying around.

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In another interview with Variety Matt Duffer said, "The full arc of the story hasn’t come to pass yet because we really are in Episode 7, it’s what we call the end of our second act. So there’s a lot more resolution in the story; we’re trying to do the same with the characters’ arcs. And I would say that applies to Will’s arc. So it’s going to be much easier to talk about for everyone — the actors and us — once those final two episodes have played. But certainly, his journey and arc is far from finished."

Season 4’s final two lengthy episodes will drop Friday, July 1.

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