Theory: Mike is Trapped in Upside Down as fans spot Kate Bush clue

Date:  June 27, 2022

Stranger Things fans still have two more feature-length episodes to look forward to this week. As volume 2 is inching closer, viewers have predicted a shocking twist for Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard).

Fans now think that the use of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill could be a major clue for Stranger Things season four. The iconic song was used earlier this season to rescue Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) from Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower).

However, the classic track is important which is shown throughout the series and was even used for the series’ trailer for season four, volume two. One fan has made a prediction that would be a shocking twist in season 4.

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Reddit user Kallie said: “The Duffer Brothers have said Mike has an emotional scene at the end of the season. Also, they’ve kept his scenes in volume two largely out of the trailers.”

This viewer thinks that his disappearance could be due to him making a brave sacrifice to save Eleven from Vecna’s clutches. Mike has been struggling with how to prove his feelings for Eleven and the lyrics to the song of the moment could be hinting at some devastating development.

“We know he loves El, but is also feeling a lot of guilt about not saying it. And then there’s Running Up That Hill that references making a deal and trading places.” the theory continued.

We know that Vecna is after Eleven now his true identity has been revealed. Mike may have to step in to stop Vecna from dragging his girlfriend back into the Upside Down.

“I’m thinking Vecna wants El to come with him to the Upside Down as retribution for banishing him there. But Mike makes a deal with Vecna - to show his love - and takes her place. This will set up season five, which will be Mike stuck in the Upside Down, and the crew trying to rescue him.”

What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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5 comments on “Theory: Mike is Trapped in Upside Down as fans spot Kate Bush clue”

  1. The theory has a major flaw.
    The Duffers already teased that season 5 will make a time jump.
    This would mean that Mike has to live in the Upside Down for years... Without any supernatural powers.
    Will barely survived one week.

  2. Absolutely. Ever since the time jump announcement, I had a feeling that someone will be trapped there. Probably drastically changed. Can't rule out his mother, though. They have really been focusing on her for some unknown reason and she even has her own character poster.

    1. I think either Mike's mom or dad are the mind flayer. I noticed at the end of season 4. 1 that they panned on her a lot. Also his dad has said jack in 4 seasons. It's one of them.

  3. El always saying that she doesn't belong in our world, and knowibg that mike doesn't say" i love you" and the bullying will lead her to hate everyone and prefer to join Vecna if he doesn't hurt her friends

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