Stranger Things Season 5 Will Be Released in 2025

Date:  February 1, 2024

It has been a month since filming began for the final season of Stranger Things. During this time, numerous insights about Season 5 have emerged through leaks from the sets. Additionally, we have now obtained information regarding the potential release date for Stranger Things 5.

Netflix recently unveiled its lineup of TV series slated to release new seasons in 2024. Unfortunately, Stranger Things did not make the list due to delays in production. Although this news may disappoint many fans, the delay was inevitable given the circumstances.

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date


Deadline has now reported that Stranger Things season 5 is scheduled to debut in 2025. This marks a three-year gap between the fourth and fifth seasons. It's worth noting that the fourth season was also delayed by three years due to the pandemic.

Reportedly, Netflix initially planned to release season 5 in 2024, with filming set to commence in May 2023. However, due to dual strikes involving actors and writers, the production was delayed by more than 7 months.

The production of the final season finally commenced on January 8, 2024. It's anticipated that filming will span nearly a year. Additionally, extensive VFX work is expected for this large-scale production, which will also require a significant amount of time.

Therefore, it is highly probable that Stranger Things season 5 will be released in late 2025. Although fans will need to wait for more than a year, it is still earlier than some had anticipated. Netflix is prioritizing the completion of Stranger Things, partly due to the aging of the cast, ensuring the series can be wrapped up in a timely manner.

Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Update

As the filming for season 5 progresses into its fourth week, the production is currently focusing on scenes from the first two episodes. Recent leaks from the sets have indicated that filming occurred at Hawkins Hospital last week. While some speculate that these scenes may involve Max, there is speculation that they could feature another character as Sadie Sink was in London during that time.


Additionally, fans have been treated to the first looks of Eleven, Mike Wheeler, and Dustin Henderson from the final season. Recently, there were sightings of Mike and Eleven filming a scene together, accompanied by a leaked video capturing moments from that scene.

On the other hand, Dustin was seen visiting Eddie Munson's grave which left fans devastated. He was wearing a Hellfire costume and even adorned himself with Eddie's rings. This solemn moment also confirms that Eddie will not make a return in the final season.

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