Stranger Things Season 5 Opening Scene is Revealed

Date:  November 7, 2023

Once again, Happy Stranger Things Day to all the fans. Netflix has posted updates about exciting happenings in the Stranger Things universe throughout the day. However, the most important update reveal of the day has just arrived along with the opening script lines for the first episode of the final season.

While there have been many exciting updates on Stranger Things Day, fans were waiting to get some insight into the final season of the series. Due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, production for the final season has yet to begin. Consequently, Netflix has not released any new teasers or a first look at season 5. Nevertheless, we've been able to obtain the opening lines of the final season.

The writers of Stranger Things have shared the opening scene of the final season. The script reads,


The sound of COLD WIND. GROANING TREES. And...

A CHILD'S VOICE. Singing a familiar song:

Check out the post below.

Screenshot 1

Stranger Things Season 5 Opening Scene Explanation

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The writers didn't provide additional information about the child's identity, but fans promptly speculated that it is Will Byers singing "Should I Stay or Should I Go". This probably indicates a flashback scene from season 1, when Will Byers was taken to the Upside Down. Although Will made it back from the Upside Down, we have limited information about what he went through during his stay there.

Many people have theorized that the first scene of season 5 will depict a flashback to Will Byers' experience in the Upside Down season 1. If true, this scene could shed light on the events that unfolded in the Upside Down and reveal how Will managed to survive his ordeal. Additionally, it might even unveil the shocking revelation that Vecna was the one who abducted him.

Stranger Things is also yet to provide an explanation for why the Upside Down appears to be frozen in 1983, the day Will Byers disappeared. The opening scene featuring Will could potentially hold the answers to these lingering questions.

While it is not confirmed whether the opening scene will feature Will Byers in the Upside Down, the clues strongly suggest that it is indeed Will singing his favorite song.


As fans eagerly await the release of season 5, it's clear that this opening scene has the potential to provide long-awaited answers, while also posing new questions about the mysteries lurking in Hawkins, Indiana.

Despite the actors strike, Netflix still managed to hype up the fans on Stranger Things Day. First, we get a sneak peek of Stranger Things: The First Shadow which is full of drama and romance exploring Vecna's origin story. Then it was announced Stranger Things is returning to the Dead by Delight game. The characters of the series are now also available in Fortnite. Meanwhile, they also held giveaways for fans on social media.

Now fans are eagerly anticipating the resolution of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike so the filming for the final season can begin. The production has already faced a delay of over six months, causing the final season to be pushed further into the future. Our hope is that the actors will soon return to the set, raising the possibility of a season 5 teaser by the next Stranger Things Day.

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