How Old Is Vecna (Henry Creel) In Stranger Things?

Date:  June 29, 2022

Season 4 of Stranger Things introduced its scariest villain, Vecna. If we compare it to other villains on the show, like Demogorgon and the Mind Flyer, Vecna is especially terrifying. Also unlike other monsters, Vecna can speak and has clear motivations for his terror. He tortures his victims by digging at their traumas and feeds on their fear and guilt. Vecna also has a backstory and a purpose. As we have written earlier Vecna is likely to survive in season 4 and will be the endgame villain of season 5.

We got to know that not only was Vecna the young boy Henry Creel, but he is also Number One, the first child to ever be experimented on at Hawkins Lab. Vecna's age is potentially being closer to the adults of the show.

How Old Is Vecna (Henry Creel) In Stranger Things?

We don't know how time works in the Upside Down. If he actually ages in the Upside Down, Vecna could be in his late 30s in 1986, the year that Stranger Things season 4, volume 1 takes place. Vecna became the evil monster seven years earlier when Eleven banished him to the Upside Down. If we consider that he has not technically aged since then, he would still be the same age as he was in 1979. If that is the case then Vecna is only in his mid-30s, like everything else in the Upside Down, stuck in the year 1983.

In season 4 episode 3 a newspaper article was shown on screen where Henry Creel was 12 years old when the murders took place in 1959. That means his year of birth is around 1947. If Henry Creel was 12 years old in 1959, that means when we see him again in 1979 posing as the kind orderly at Hawkins Lab, he is around 32 years old. This matches with the age of actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Henry/One, during the filming of Stranger Things season 4.

There is still a handful of vital information that remains unknown. Hopefully, we will get to know more in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2.

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