Joe Keery Addresses Taylor Swift Collaboration Rumours

Date:  December 24, 2023

Stranger Things star Joe Keery has clarified speculations surrounding a potential collaboration with pop singer Taylor Swift. The actor who is known for portraying Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, addressed the rumours during an appearance on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Keery was spotted at the Electric Lady Recording Studio in New York City on the same day as Swift, leading to speculation about a potential musical collaboration. However, the actor clarified the situation, explaining that he was at the studio with sound engineer John Rooney and was not actively engaged in any music-related activities at that time.

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“Well, that was a very confusing day because I was just in there with John, minding my own business, not doing anything, and then I walked out the door, and it was like a thousand people were standing out there. People looked at me expecting Taylor and were like, ‘Who’s this guy?'” he said.

“Maybe [the rumour] would generate something. Maybe that experience generated something in the universe, but I don’t know,” he added.

Joe Keery also briefly talked about the final season of Stranger Things. He admitted to having seen a few scripts but opted not to disclose specific details. When questioned about the fate of his character and his chances of physical fights, Keery playfully hinted at the likelihood of some intense moments.

The filming for Stranger Things season 5 is set to begin in January 2024.

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