Noah Schnapp reacts to if Will Byers is Gay

Date:  November 1, 2021

Fans of Stranger Things have been theorizing about Will Byers' sexuality since the first season came out. There have been rumours that the character, played by Noah Schnapp is gay. In the third episode of season 3, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) yelled at Will, “It’s not my fault you don’t like girls.” Mike says this after Will becomes frustrated as all his friends were obsessing over their girlfriends instead of playing with him.

As we are gearing up for Stranger Things 4, Noah has again commented on Will's being gay. Recently Noah Schnapp took part in a TikTok Live Stranger Things Watch Party, for the screening of "Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers". During the live session, a fan asked if Will Byers was gay. The actor replied, "who knows".

In the past, Schnapp has said that it’s really up to the audience to interpret it. Schnapp told The Wrap about whether Mike’s insult reveals Will’s sexual orientation. “While all the characters were out developing and growing up, Will was in the Upside Down and he was alone there, not interacting with or connected to his friends or the rest of the world. And when he got back, he expected everything to just go back to how it was before, how it was when he was normal and when he was a kid and he wanted to go back to the basement and play D&D.”

Stranger Things 4 is coming in 2022 and we might get some answers after all.

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