How Season 2 Scene Hints at the Fate of Stranger Things Kids

Date:  October 2, 2023

As we eagerly await the release of Stranger Things season 5, one big question on the minds of every fan is the fate of the main characters, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers. Now we have a hint about their future thanks to a season 2 scene.

The show's costume designer Kim Wilcox, the creative genius responsible for the characters' iconic looks, hinted at a fascinating possibility. She revealed that the outfits worn by the four boys during the school dance scene in season 2, also known as the Snow Ball, offer clues about their future career.

This implies that the costumes donned by the cast could hold valuable insights into what lies ahead for them. Let's take a closer look at these intriguing costume clues and see what they might reveal about the future of our beloved characters.

snowball scene stranger things kids future

Will Byers - The Teacher

In the Snow Ball scene, Will Byers wears a vest and tie, a look similar to his idol and favorite teacher, Mr. Clark. His choice of attire could be a subtle foreshadowing of Will's future career. He is called 'Will The Wise' and with his intelligence and love for knowledge, Will might follow in Mr. Clark's footsteps, becoming a teacher and passing on his wisdom to the next generation. This path would allow him to escape the horrors of the Upside Down, turning his life toward brighter prospects.

Mike Wheeler - The Aspiring Scientist

Next up is Mike Wheeler, who sports a sweater under a blazer during the Snow Ball, a style pretty similar to that of Doctor Sam Owens. Does this indicate that Mike is destined for a career in the scientific or medical field? Given Mike's determination and loyalty, it's plausible that he might dedicate his life to science after rescuing Eleven from the clutches of the Upside Down.

Lucas Sinclair - The Future Author

Lucas Sinclair's attire during the Snow Ball raises intriguing possibilities. He opts for a striped button-down shirt and blazer, forgoing the tie—a fashion choice similar to '80s style of Stephen King. In Season 4, we see Lucas reading a book by King to Max in the hospital, sparking speculation that he might be inspired to become a horror author in the future.

Dustin Henderson - The Show Host or?

snowball scene stranger things kids future

Lastly, Dustin Henderson's stylish outfit is similar to the show hosts from the 80's. It might indicate that he will become a performer or a comedian. But there is another possibility which marks a dark fate for Dustin.

According to a fan theory, Dustin might not survive after season 5. This TikTok theory says that Dustin is dressed like a high school student in the Snow Ball scene because that is as far as he will live. While his friends may evolve and pursue adult careers, symbolized by their more mature outfits, Dustin's fate may be less certain. It is possibly hinting at a future that doesn't extend beyond high school.

While these theories are fun, offering exciting insights into the futures of our main characters, we must remember that they remain speculative until Stranger Things Season 5 hits our screens. Until then, fans will continue to dissect every clue, reference, and teaser, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, and the rest of Hawkins' residents.

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