Finn Wolfhard Reveals His Dream Ending for Stranger Things 5

Date:  March 26, 2024

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard recently shared his vision for how the series should conclude, and many fans are inclined to agree that his idea would be a fitting conclusion to this remarkable show.

With season 5 marking the final chapter of Stranger Things, fans have been speculating about how the series will conclude. There have been many theories online with some enthusiasts suggesting time travel elements while others anticipate the possibility of major character deaths.

Finn Wolfhard's Dream Ending for Stranger Things 5

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During an interview with Access Online, Finn Wolfhard was asked about the highly anticipated fifth season of Stranger Things.

He stated in his hopes for the ending: "Truly, I would love a Lord of the Rings style happy ending."

Wolfhard disclosed that the cast has already read the scripts for the initial seven episodes of the upcoming season, leaving just one final episode to be explored.

"They’re waiting to give us the last episode, we’ve read up to the second-to-last episode so we’re all on the edge of our seats to find out what the ending is. So now we know what happens almost to the last episode so I am really excited."

Finn Wolfhard's co-star Grace McKenna from Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire joked about her hopes for Mike Wheeler in season 5. "I think [Mike] should be dragged to the upside down and we leave him there!"

Was Stranger Things Just a Dream?

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Later Finn Wolfhard joked that the revelation at the end could be that it was all a dream. "It is a dream. The whole ending is a dream. And like Trevor wakes up and he is like I just had this dream."

Earlier the Duffer Brothers have addressed the idea that it might be a dream or a game of Dungeons and Dragons the kids have been playing.

Matt Duffer said: "I assure you that is not how we’re going to end the show. We’ve known where we’ve been going for a while. And we feel comfortable with it; hopefully, it satisfies everyone. We’ll see."

While the Stranger Things cast has yet to find out the ending for Stranger Things as none of them have read the script, David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper knows how the show ends.

He said on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast: "I know where we net out and it’s very, very moving."

While Finn Wolfhard is hoping for a happy ending for all the characters, many anticipate that the conclusion will be bittersweet.

Meanwhile, the production for season 5 has been going on in Atlanta for more than two months. The filming will wrap up in December 2024 and then there will be extensive post-production work. The final season will likely premiere in the Summer 2025 or later that year.

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