The Worst Endings for Stranger Things Season 5

Date:  November 16, 2023

Season 5 marks the conclusion of Stranger Things. Amid fans' speculation about the possible conclusion of the series, today we are gonna look at the worst or dumbest ending of Stranger Things.

Several exceptional shows have been marred by lackluster endings, with Game of Thrones being a prominent recent example. Despite its status as one of the most popular series of all time, the final season faced widespread criticism from both critics and fans, primarily attributed to the unsatisfactory conclusion of an otherwise epic story.

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Likewise, fans of Stranger Things share a sense of apprehension regarding its conclusion in the final season. The writers adeptly laid the groundwork for the story in the earlier seasons, and now anticipation is building for the resolution in season 5. Numerous mysteries, especially those revolving around the Upside Down and its origins, remain unanswered, adding to the intrigue and speculation among viewers.

Recently Stranger Things fans shared their worst ending for season 5 on Reddit. Let's take a look at some of them.

It's all DnD Game

Fans have long theorized that Stranger Things could be a Dungeons and Dragons game being played by Will Byers and his friends in Mike Wheeler's basement. Clues supporting this idea include the striking similarities between creatures from Upside Down and DnD, such as the Demogorgon and Vecna. It could be the reason that the Upside Down is stuck in 1983 because the children are still engrossed in their D&D adventures during that period.

While this potential twist may not deliver a conventional, action-packed ending, it aligns with the Duffer Brothers' vision of crafting a tribute to 80s pop culture.

It's a Story Written by Mike Wheeler

Noah Schnapp as Mike in Stranger Things 780x470 1

In this proposed ending, the revelation unfolds that Stranger Things is a story written by Mike Wheeler. The epilogue will show Mike and Eleven reading a five-book series titled "Stranger Things" with their own children. This will be similar to the ending of the 80s movie Stand By Me, which served as a notable influence on Stranger Things.

This conclusion will be unoriginal, echoing a narrative device that has been previously explored in various series and movies.

Vecna is Redeemed

Stranger Things has presented unlikeable characters that have undergone redemption such as Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove to some degree. It is possible that Vecna might experience a similar redemption by the conclusion of season 5, leading to the reversal of his physical distortions.

This redemption could have a magical ripple effect, resulting in the revival of characters like Barb, Bob Newby, Billy Hargrove, and Eddie Munson, and restoring the entire town to its original state. The only incentive to support this theory is the hope of witnessing Eddie once more.

Eleven Uses Time Travel

eleven stranger things season 4 1140x600 1

It has been teased for quite a while that Stranger Things season 5 will feature time travel. One prevailing theory suggests that Eleven will utilize time travel to return to 1983, aiming to prevent herself from opening the gate. This strategy would effectively reset the timeline, averting all the catastrophic events that unfolded.

However, the drawback of this theory is substantial as it will undo all character development, friendships, and relationships that have evolved throughout Stranger Things. In this alternate timeline, Eleven will never meet Mike, Hopper will not be together with Joyce and Steve will still be a jerk.

All Kids Get Superpowers and Beat Vecna

Another unsatisfying conclusion would be if all the main kids in Stranger Things suddenly acquired superpowers. In the end, Eleven would attempt to defeat Vecna using her abilities, but it would prove insufficient. In a rather clichéd turn, she would then join hands with her friends, and together they would unleash a collective display of screaming and nosebleeds to overpower Vecna through the magic of friendship.

This scene might draw inspiration from a similar moment in Stephen King's novel IT.

It was all a Dream

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The entire story of Stranger Things could potentially be unveiled as a dream sequence. The concluding revelation might suggest that Will Byers got into a bike accident during the opening episode of season 1 and has been experiencing a prolonged hallucination. The series could wrap up with Will awakening from a coma.

This twist would likely be perceived as one of the worst endings for Stranger Things, as it tends to diminish the reality of the events.

Game of Thrones Style Ending

Imagine if the final season reveals that Eleven and Mike are related. Eleven takes a dark turn and burns Hawkins to the ground. To thwart her destructive path, Mike Wheeler is forced to confront her, ultimately having to make the difficult decision to end her life. Steve flips entire his redemption arc by saying he never cared for kids and returns to his toxic friends.

In the end, Hopper remarks, 'Who has a better story than Will the Wise.' The story concludes with Will Byers ascending to become the king of Hawkins.

Certainly, that's an ending we'd prefer not to witness once more.

What are your worst endings for Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments section.

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