Theory: Will Byers Gains Superpowers in Season 5

Date:  August 30, 2022

As the fans wait for season 5 of Stranger Things, they have taken to the internet to discuss what is going to happen to their favorite characters. Since the Duffer Brothers have revealed that Will will be a major story focus in the next season, this had led to several fans taking to platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter, to share their best theories related to Will. It would certainly be interesting to see if any of the theories actually come true.

One of the popular theories is that Will Byers will gain superpowers in season 5. This is an interesting idea for Stranger Things' storyline to explore in depth in season 5, considering how powerless he can appear to be at times.

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Reddit user Belter_ posted this theory as he wrote, "Will develops powers. I don’t believe it at all but I admit it would be interesting. Or not powers exactly but something about him is kryptonite to Henry."

Fans find some more evidence in an original Stranger Things pilot script. When Will was about to be captured and taken to the Upside Down, his nose and ears were supposed to start bleeding.

The script says: "Will doesn't fire. He just stares. Paralyzed by fear. The hairs on his arms stand up again. His earns begin to drop blood. And then his nose. He fights tears."

As an underdog, Will's potential empowerment would be interesting for fans as they had been used to him either being pushed to the sidelines. It would also allow fans to see him and Eleven work together which is something fans had longed to see for a while considering their off-screen chemistry.

Redditors reacted positively to this theory, as they liked the prospect of Will getting some measure of revenge. "Poor Will has been tortured for so long," writes user Mhc2617, "Let him get to kick some a**."

Another one wrote, "Will should still be able to shadow walk, right? He could flash into the upsidedown before being caught by the mindflayer in season 2 and after he coughed up a slug in season 1."

Here are some more reactions to this theory.

Do you think Will Byers will get superpowers in season 5? Put down your thoughts in the comments section.

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One comment on “Theory: Will Byers Gains Superpowers in Season 5”

  1. Will doesn't have to get superpowers but he changes n he is not ordinary anymore. Apart from his sexuality, there something very special about Will I just can't put a finger on it. Hope season 5 will reveal it

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