Eleven Made an Appearance in Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Date:  November 18, 2023

The preview for Stranger Things: The First Shadow has concluded, leaving fans with a wealth of information to unravel. As fans eagerly dissect new hints and clues, a standout moment in the previews is the unexpected appearance of Eleven towards the conclusion of the play.

Stranger Things play commences in 1959, weaving a narrative that unfolds over the years for young Joyce, Jim Hopper, Bob Newby, and Henry Creel. While the primary focus lies on delving into Henry Creel's backstory, the appearance of baby Eleven has ignited considerable excitement among fans. This scene makes so much sense after the events of season 4.

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead for Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Following Henry Creel's tragic act of killing his family, Dr. Brenner assumed custody and transported him to Hawkins Lab. Subsequently, Creel became subjected to drugs, rendering him entirely under Dr. Brenner's control. In a pivotal moment, it was unveiled that Dr. Brenner had been conducting experiments involving blood transfusions from Henry to pregnant women. The culmination of these experiments yielded a positive outcome, referred to as "002," a revelation made apparent when Dr. Brenner introduced Henry to a pregnant woman involved in the experiments.

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Baby Eleven Appeared at the End of the Play

Through the use of Henry Creel's blood, Dr. Brenner successfully created all the test subjects in the lab. The Stranger Things Play ends with Henry Creel holding newborn Eleven in his arms, expressing anticipation by saying, "I am excited to see you, 011. I have plans for us."

Eight years later, Henry Creel strategically deceived Eleven into removing his controlling chip. Seizing the moment, he proposed that she join him in forging a new world order. This revelation suggests that Henry Creel had planned it all along and was awaiting Eleven to grow up before pitching his vision to her.

Eleven was born in 1971 to her mother Terry Ives. Stranger Things: The First Shadow does not provide any information about his father. Many fans have theorized the possibility of Henry Creel being the father of Eleven. However, the play clarifies that Terry Ives was already pregnant before Dr. Brenner conducted blood transformations with Henry.

Stranger Things season 4 episode 7 Jamie Campbell Bower and Mille Bobbie Brown

Though all the test subjects can be called siblings because they all share the same blood. That is why the season 2 episode 7 that introduced Kali aka 008 was called "The Lost Sister".

However, the intriguing dynamics between Henry Creel and Eleven add a layer of complexity to the narrative. Despite Creel's disdain for the other test subjects, his distinct focus on Eleven becomes apparent. The season 4 unveils a drastic turn of events, where Creel eliminates all other test subjects but attempts to persuade Eleven to join him. This strongly suggests a unique connection between them, hinting at the possibility of further exploration in Stranger Things season 5.

It will be interesting to see if the season finale will call back to that moment as Eleven will have to face Vecna again. The unresolved dynamics between them add an element of suspense to the upcoming conclusion. Regardless, the ending of Stranger Things: The First Shadow was a treat for the fans setting the stage for season 5.

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