Theory: Kali Will Help Max To See

Date:  August 15, 2022

Kali (008) was introduced in season 2 of Stranger Things. However her band of misfits has been hated by many, and the character has been largely forgotten about since then. Now Some fans, though, believe that Kali still has a role to play in the story.

Redditor Astrovite writes that Max could see again, with "a certain someone with visual related abilities could help her to see again" like Kali. The theory suggests that Kali would have to tap into a deeper potential with her powers, such as what El has done. Though it seems unlikely that we will see Kali again, this out-there theory could be a way for Max to see again.

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The user wrote this theory on Reddit. "So we know Vecna got Max but she was then brought back by Eleven. Displaying a power we didn't know she had until now. Right before Max succumbed to the intense injuries caused by Vecna's bone crushing abilities, she mentions to Lucas that she can't see anything. And we see her eyes are whited out. So if she's actually blind when she wakes up, maybe, a certain someone with visual related abilities could help her to see again.

That someone would be 008 or Kali, from Season 2.

Eleven has displayed powers beyond standard telekinesis so it's not a stretch to think Kali can do more with her powers than we were shown. And I think it would be a very cool reveal to have Eleven come to this conclusion in the story. That her sister with visual powers might be able to help her best friend see again."

Do you think Kali will make an appearance in season 5? Put down your thoughts in comments.

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2 comments on “Theory: Kali Will Help Max To See”

  1. […] It will not be an easy task for Eleven as Vecna will be using his full power against her. If Eleven does manage to succeed in bringing back Max to her body during season 5 though, there is still the question of her physical state. While broken limbs can heal, Max's blindness will likely require a supernatural remedy. There is already a theory that Kali can help Max to see using her powers. […]

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