Vecna is Eleven's Father Theory Fueled by Stranger Things Play
November 20, 2023
Stranger Things fans are actively delving into new theories while eagerly anticipating the release of season 5. With the arrival ....
The Secret Connection between Will Byers and Vecna
November 2, 2023
The story of Stranger Things started with Will Byers going missing in the Upside Down. The very first episode of ....
A Fan has Found a Huge Clue for Season 5 in a Key Scene
October 30, 2023
It's been more than a year since season 4 of Stranger Things aired. While the filming for the final season ....
Season 5 Byler Theory: Kiss in the Upside Down
October 24, 2023
The Stranger Things community is abuzz with excitement as we eagerly await the arrival of Season 5. Amidst the flurry ....
Stranger Things Theory: Why Henry Creel Turned Evil
October 21, 2023
Vecna is the main antagonist of Stranger Things and his backstory will likely hold the key to concluding the series. ....
Dark Stranger Things Theory Reveals Vecna's First Target in Season 5
October 18, 2023
As the release of Stranger Things final season is still far in the future, fans are keeping themselves busy by ....
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