Theory: The Mind Flayer is Controlling Vecna

August 27, 2022
In season 4, it was revealed that Vecna controls the Mind Flayer. But a new theory claims it is the ....

Theory: Season 5 Will Feature Time Travel

August 25, 2022
We have seen so many theories about what's going to happen in season 5. Now a fan has come up ....

Theory: Stranger Things Ending Will Be Similar to Harry Potter

August 21, 2022
Since Will has said that he can feel Vecna, Stranger Things fans are suggesting that Will and Vecna might have ....

Stranger Things Season 5 Theory Says Vecna isn’t The Final Villain

August 20, 2022
The stage is set for one last battle with Vecna in Stranger Things Season. But a new theory claims that ....

Max Will Turn Evil In Season 5 - Theory Explained

August 16, 2022
In Season 4 of Stranger Things, fans were shocked after learning the origins of Vecna. It was confirmed that he ....

Theory: Kali Will Help Max To See

August 15, 2022
Kali (008) was introduced in season 2 of Stranger Things. However her band of misfits has been hated by many, ....
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