Season 5 Theory: Henry Creel Was Adopted

Date:  August 1, 2022

Stranger Things season 5 theories are going wild now. Each day fans are coming up with ideas for what could happen next in the show. But, there’s another one doing the rounds now, which is very interesting about Henry Creel.

In Stranger Things 4 it was revealed that Henry Creel murdered his family, and then there was a big twist that Henry Creel is actually 001, who is actually Vecna. It was a lot. Now fans in a Facebook have gone deep into theorising about his character which could be another major revelation.

Henry Creel stranger things 4

This theory basically says Henry Creel could have actually been adopted to the Creel family. The post reads: “So far I haven’t read anyone theorise that Henry might have been adopted by the Creel family. Henry doesn’t even look like his sister or his parents. Henry has very dark features compared to his family. He has these incredible abilities yet the rest of his family does not. Where did they come from?

“There was a time when if a child was different, they were either put up for adoption or put in asylums. Is it possible that Karen [Wheeler] is Henry’s sister and the sister Henry killed was his stepsister? I think so. That’s my theory anyways. There has to be a connection here because Vecna had the chance to kill both Karen and Nancy, and he didn’t.

“The only Wheeler he went after was Mike and I think that’s because Mike is Eleven’s boyfriend. Vecna is trying to get his revenge on El and hurting Mike wound definitely hurt Eleven. If Vecna had killed Nancy, he would have had his four [kills] and broken the veil between his world and ours. Why let her go? Why only posses her mind to give Eleven a message? There is definitely more going on than we have been led to believe. It’s going to be really fantastic when e everything is finally revealed in season 5. I’m super excited.”

People in the comments seem to believe in this theory. “I really like this theory. Has been the first one to make the most sense,” one person said. “Wow love that explanation! That makes more sense he killed his stepsister !🤯,” another added. “Wow that be huge game changer ! Mind blown ..,” another person added. 

There is also another theory that a promo poster of Karen Wheeler contained a hidden clue. As per this theory, Karen is the sister of Henry .

What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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One comment on “Season 5 Theory: Henry Creel Was Adopted”

  1. He didn’t kill Nancy because she was in the same place he killed Chrissy so he wouldn’t have had 4 gates.

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