Stranger Things Play Explains Why Henry Creel Turned Evil

Date:  December 5, 2023

Henry Creel also known as Vecna is the primary antagonist in season 5 of Stranger Things. Fans have long speculated about the transformation of the once-sensitive kid into a villain. The latest Stranger Things play sheds light on the events that led to his descent into evil.

In season 4, we gained a glimpse into Henry Creel's backstory, learning that he relocated to Hawkins in 1959. As his narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that he manifested unusual abilities and often tortured animals. His family, particularly his mother, harbored a strong dislike for him. Eventually, he killed his own family and was placed under the supervision of Dr. Brenner at Hawkins Lab.

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The pivotal question arises: Was Henry born evil, or were external influences the catalysts for his descent into madness? The answer to this enigma may have been unveiled in the latest play. Let's delve into its revelations.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Henry Creel's Childhood Experiences

The play uncovered that Henry Creel was transported to the Upside Down as a child. His return marked a significant shift, with the emergence of supernatural abilities. This was the major event that changed his entire personality, as noted by his sister Alice Creel. This pivotal event led him down a dark path, where he began tormenting and killing animals.

Henry was a sensitive and isolated child who faced societal misunderstanding and discrimination. His mother Virginal Creel harbored a deep resentment towards her son, frequently disturbed by his actions. Amidst this turmoil, the only supporter in Henry's life was Patty Newby, who consistently urged him to channel his powers for good. She truly believed that he was good and they eventually fell in love.


It was later revealed that Henry fell under the influence of the Mind Flayer. Dr. Brenner compelled him to carry out the act of killing animals, believing it would enhance his strength. Also, most of the evil acts were committed by the Mind Flayer while possessing Henry.

Henry often managed to resist the Mind Flayer and did some good things. In a pivotal scene from the play, while searching for Patty Newby's mother in the void, Henry is possessed by the Mind Flayer. Upon the arrival of Patty's father, he became a target of the controlled Henry. However, Patty urged him to resist and expressed her love for him, This served as a catalyst for Henry to overcome the Mind Flayer's control, breaking free from its influence.

When Patty's father woke up at the hospital, he told his daughter that he was attacked by a monster. But Henry Creel emerged as an unexpected savior who fought the Mind Flayer. This incident strongly indicates that the Mind Flayer had manipulated Henry's mind, using him as a conduit for its dark influence.

Why Henry Creel Killed His Family

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As Henry began to display mysterious powers, his mother sought the intervention of Dr. Brenner. He was taken to the Hawkins Lab where a series of experiments were conducted on him. Later Dr. Brenner instructed Henry to kill a man but Henry resisted and managed to escape from Hawkins Lab. This turn of events left Dr. Brenner pondering the possibility that someone else might be exerting control over Henry.

Dr. Brenner met with Virginia Creel, who suggested that Henry's attachment to Patty Newby might be a significant influence on him. Upon Henry's return home, he sensed that his family was not happy. Delving into his mother's mind, he uncovered the recent interaction with Dr. Brenner. It was a pivotal moment for him, realizing that his mother believed he was inherently flawed and had promised to surrender him to Brenner permanently.

He also got to know that his mother had disclosed Patty Newby's name to Dr. Brenner. Driven by love and consumed by anger, he allowed the Mind Flayer to seize control, leading to a violent outburst where he ultimately took the lives of his own family.

What Happened to Patty Newby


After killing his family, Henry heads to Hawkins High School in a bid to locate Patty before Dr. Brenner does. The tension escalates as both Henry and Brenner converge on Patty, who is poised to participate in a stage play. An intense argument ensues, with Dr. Brenner attempting to persuade Henry that Patty is a vulnerability he should forsake. Meanwhile, Patty implores Henry not to heed Brenner's counsel.

In the midst of the heated argument, Henry loses control and falls under the influence of the Mind Flayer. Tragically, this results in a catastrophic event where Patty falls from the rafters and is presumed dead. Following this devastating incident, Henry is apprehended and transported to Hawkins Lab, where he remains confined until 1979.

However later it was revealed that Patty Newby survived the fall and left Hawkins after recovering. She might return in Stranger Things season 5 as implied by this mind-blowing theory.

The unfolding events strongly suggest that Henry Creel wasn't born evil. Instead, he became a victim of manipulation by the Mind Flayer and Dr. Brenner. Patty Newby was the only person who genuinely cared for him but circumstances forced them to separate. This plunged Henry into profound isolation and ultimately drove him towards the dark side.

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