When Eddie Munson Saved Will Byers from Bullying

Date:  November 4, 2023

In Stranger Things season 4, fans met and fell in love with Eddie Munson. However, they did not spend much time with him as he was killed in the season finale. Now a prequel book has given us more information about Eddie Munson's backstory.

For fans, one of the biggest regrets in season 4 was that Will Byers could not get to meet Eddie. They rightfully believed that Will would have delighted Eddie and that Eddie would have been an inspirational figure for Will. But happily, Will and Eddie get to interact in the new prequel book Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus.

How Eddie Munson Saved Will Byers

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The book tells the events of 1984, 2 years before season 4. According to the book, Eddie had been a member of the Hellfire Club since ninth grade. In 1984, Eddie became the leader of the Hellfire Club, serving as the Dungeon Master. He also mentioned that the club is a place for fellow nerds and "freaks" to come together. Eddie often helps the young members of the Hellfire Club who are subject to bullying.

When Will Byers returned from Upside Down, he was labeled as Zombie Boy by the school bullies. In the book Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus, Eddie visits a record shop and witnesses Will being bullied by his schoolmates, calling him "Zombie Boy" instead of "Will. Having faced similar instances of bullying, Eddie takes a stand in support of Will, diverting the bullies' attention away from him until the record shop owner steps in.

Will then confides in Eddie, expressing his frustration at being constantly labeled as a "freak" by others. Eddie, however, succeeds in consoling him and demonstrating that those hurtful words should not define him. Eddie also tells Will that Zombie Boy is a metal nickname.

He goes on to encourage Will to consider joining the Hellfire Club once he reaches high school, assuring him that he would find acceptance within that group. While Eddie ultimately becomes a respected leader among their younger peers including Mike Wheeler and Dustin Henderson, Will never gets the chance to experience that.

Will Byers Missed on Joining the Hellfire Club

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At the end of season 3, Will Byers moved to California along with his family. Hence he was unable to join the Hellfire Club. It's truly disheartening that Will missed out on this opportunity, especially given that he was perhaps the one who could have derived the greatest benefit from the group. With Eddie promptly standing up for Will in 1984 and championed the cause of the "freaks," it's evident that he would have been a valuable and positive influence on Will.

Eddie faced persistent bullying and was given negative nicknames throughout his life, as seen in the prequel book. He could have taught Will about how to handle the harassment while embracing his true self alongside other "freaks."

Now Will Byers is back in Hawkins with the rest of his family, ahead of season 5. But Eddie is sadly no longer around and it is uncertain if the Hellfire Club will continue.

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